Tour de France: Oscar Freire will have nasal surgery immediately after the finish
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tour de France: Oscar Freire will have nasal surgery immediately after the finish

by VeloNation Press at 11:33 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Tour de France, Injury
Looks forward to a problem free Vuelta and Worlds

Oscar FreireTriple World champion Oscar Freire is set to undergo surgery in the Netherlands on Tuesday to remove polyps from his nasal passage and sinus.  The Spaniard has had serious problems with his breathing since before the Giro d'Italia, which forced him to miss the Italian Grand Tour.  Initially the team thought it was his allergy problem, but then it was diagnosed as sinusitis.  It turns out that the polyps have been the root of his problems this year, and the weather has played a major role in how they have affected him.

According to team physician, Dr. Dion van Bommel, Freire's performance in the Tour de France was compromised by the condition, and the last several rainy days in the race saw the problem come to a head.

"Now is the time to intervene. A useful intervention, especially in view of the Vuelta [a Espana] and the forthcoming World Championships, where Oscar is always among the contenders," explained Van Bommel

The doctor explained the procedure is not a complicated one: "It might happen under a general anesthetic. Oscar should spend a night in the hospital, but all in all it is rather simple. The condition is not serious, but especially for a cyclist, it can sometimes give you trouble."

The nasal polyps are teardrop-shaped that can line your nasal passages and/or sinuses - Freire has the condition in both his nose and sinuses.  Smaller polyps can go unnoticed, larger growths can cause difficulties with breathing.  Those that suffer from allergies are more likely to have polyps, and it is possible for them to return once they've been removed.

Freire will fly to the Netherlands following the Tour de France to have the procedure completed.


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