Confirmed: Lance Armstrong plans to race in Rotorua triathlon, one week after Tour Down Under
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Confirmed: Lance Armstrong plans to race in Rotorua triathlon, one week after Tour Down Under

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Media adviser confirms message by Juan Pelota twitter alter-ego

Lance ArmstrongFollowing speculation, Lance Armstrong has now confirmed that he is planning on doing his first triathlon at the end of January, one week after the end of the Tour Down Under.

According to press reports in the New Zealand media, his media adviser told organisers from the Rotorua Association of Triathletes (RATS) today that he intended taking part in the Blue Lake Multisport Festival at the end of January.

The confirmation follows speculation this week on the part of the triathlon website Everyman Tri, which has been tracking Armstrong’s intentions every since he muted a return to triathlon after his pro career ended. It pointed to a message on twitter account Juan Pelota, which is regarded as being one operated by Armstrong, and deals mostly with matters relating to triathlon.

Juan Pelota tweeted on Friday, “I'm thinking the first tri is here... 38°12′S 176°20′E.” Ten minutes later, “late January,” was added to the feed.

Everyman Tri worked out the coordinates and pinpointed an event that is taking place in that timeframe.

“So let's cut to the chase. That would be in the middle of summer in the Southern Hemisphere on the lovely North Island of New Zealand near the touristy town of Rotorua,” it stated.

“We think it could be the Blue Lake Multisport Festival, that includes a sprint triathlon and is held at the end of January.”

The festival takes place on January 29 and 30 and is organised by the Rotorua Association of Triathletes and Multisports.

According to the local Rotura Daily Post, the final event of the festival is a sprint triathlon comprising a 750m swim, 16km bike and a 5.5km run. That comes exactly one week after the end of the Tour Down Under in Australia, meaning Armstrong would complete an approximate 3000 kilometre air trip, then have several days to prepare.

Criticism of Notivzky?

The Juan Pelota account also included a rather acidic message in Spanish which may have been directed at federal investigator Jeff Novitzky, who is currently in Europe investigating claims that Armstrong and the US Postal Service team used performance enhancing substances.

“Hey Jeff, como estan los hoteles de quatro estrellas y el classe de business in el aeroplano? Que mas necesitan?” said a message, also posted on Friday.

Translation: “Hey Jeff, how are the four star hotels and the business class in the airplane? What more do you need?”

Armstrong’s spokesman Mark Fabiani once again criticised the federal investigation this week, repeating his claims that it was a waste of money.

Novitzky met with officials and police representatives from Italy, France and Belgium at Interpol’s base in Lyon. It is thought that the investigation is getting closer to a conclusion.


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