Bittersweet start to the Delta Tour Zeeland for Rabobank
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bittersweet start to the Delta Tour Zeeland for Rabobank

by Xylon van Eyck at 5:29 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Race Reports and Results
Strong performances counterbalanced by a freak prologue accident

Rabobank’s start to the Delta Tour Zeeland yesterday was an interesting one. Last year the Dutch outfit made a clean sweep of the opening prologue, taking the first 3 positions. This year, they again topped the podium with Dutch National TT champion Jos Van Emden winning for the second year in a row, while the team placed a total of 4 riders in the top 10.

Sprinters Michael Matthews and Theo Bos finished in fifth and sixth place respectively with Rick Flens six seconds slower than Van Emden in eighth place.

It didn’t all go according to plan, though, when Coen Vermeltfoort fell off the start ramp. His was taken to hospital where it was revealed he had fractured both wrists. According to the Rabobank team website, his left wrist was put in a plaster, while the right one will be operated on next week.

Vermeltfoort, who just returned from the Amgen Tour of California, was bound to start the prologue in rainy conditions. Directeur Sportif Nico Verhoevan commented “After only five meters he fell. At first I thought what is he doing? It seemed Coen tried to jump off the stage. It was very slippery, but as far as I know, Coen was the only one who had problems. It’s very sad. This was a major target for him as well as the Ster Elektro Tour next week.”

Vermeltfoort is in his debut year as a professional after coming through Rabobank’s development program. His best result of the season so far is finishing seventh on stage five of the Amgen Tour of California.

The team will seek to defend its lead with two stages remaining, but expects an onslaught from the in-form Marcel Kittel and Roger Kluge, who both ride for Dutch rival team Skil – Shimano. Kittel and Kluge are second and third in the general classification, both within a second of Van Emden.


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Delta Tour Zeeland, Netherlands Prologue Result: Vlissingen, 3.8km

  Click on the arrowsat the top of the column to sort the race results.
Country Result Name Team Time
ned NED 1 Jos Van Emden (Rabobank) 00:04:37
ger GER 2 Marcel Kittel (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
ger GER 3 Roger Kluge (Skil-Shimano) 00:00:01
ned NED 4 Tom Stamsnijder (Leopard-Trek) 00:00:03
aus AUS 5 Michael Matthews (Rabobank) s.t.
ned NED 6 Theo Bos (Rabobank) 00:00:04
ned NED 7 Bram Schmitz (Veranda's Willems - Accent) 00:00:06
ned NED 8 Rick Flens (Rabobank) s.t.
aus AUS 9 Mitchell Docker (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
fra FRA 10 Yoann Offredo (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
bel BEL 11 Rob Goris (Veranda's Willems - Accent) 00:00:07
bel BEL 12 Dieter Cappelle (Veranda's Willems - Accent) s.t.
ned NED 13 Jenning Huizenga (Ubbink-Koga Cycling Team) s.t.
ger GER 14 Christoph Pfingsten (Cycling Team De Rijke) 00:00:08
ned NED 15 Tom Veelers (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
bel BEL 16 Niels Albert (Bkcp-powerplus) s.t.
aus AUS 17 Graeme Brown (Rabobank) s.t.
ned NED 18 Ronan Van Zandbeek (Skil-Shimano) 00:00:09
aus AUS 19 Brett Lancaster (Garmin-Cervelo) s.t.
ned NED 20 Sander Oostlander (Cycling Team De Rijke) 00:00:10
bel BEL 21 Kenny De Ketele (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
ned NED 22 Jens Mouris (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
ned NED 23 Rene Hooghiemster (Ubbink-Koga Cycling Team) s.t.
ger GER 24 Robert Wagner (Leopard-Trek) s.t.
bel BEL 25 Jonathan Breyne (Landbouwkrediet) 00:00:11
ned NED 26 Wouter Wippert (Omega Pharma-Lotto-Davo) s.t.
ned NED 27 Robin Chaigneau (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
bel BEL 28 Joeri Stallaert (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
rsa RSA 29 Reinert Janse Van Rensburg (Team MTN Qhubeka) s.t.
ned NED 30 Sebastian Langeveld (Rabobank) 00:00:12
fra FRA 31 Cédric Pineau (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
BRA 32 Murilo Antonio Fischer (Garmin-Cervelo) s.t.
ned NED 33 Arno Van Der Zwet (Ubbink-Koga Cycling Team) s.t.
bel BEL 34 Ingmar De Poortere (Donckers Koffie - Jelly Belly Cycling ...) s.t.
ned NED 35 Stefan Van Dijk (Veranda's Willems - Accent) 00:00:13
ltu LTU 36 Aidis Kruopis (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
ned NED 37 Remco Te Brake (Cycling Team De Rijke) 00:00:14
ned NED 38 Wouter Haan (Ruiter Dakkapellen Wielerteam ) s.t.
ger GER 39 Philipp Walsleben (Bkcp-powerplus) s.t.
fra FRA 40 Arnaud Gerard (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
fin FIN 41 Matti Helminen (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
den DEN 42 Martin Mortensen (Leopard-Trek) s.t.
bel BEL 43 Nicky Cocquyt (Donckers Koffie - Jelly Belly Cycling ...) 00:00:15
ita ITA 44 Davide Vigano (Leopard-Trek) s.t.
bel BEL 45 Gorik Gardeyn (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
bel BEL 46 Kenneth Vanbilsen (Donckers Koffie - Jelly Belly Cycling ...) s.t.
fra FRA 47 Benoit Vaugrenard (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
ned NED 48 Sierk-jan De Haan (Cyclingteam Jo Piels) 00:00:16
ned NED 49 Luc Hagenaars (Eddy Merckx - Indeland ) s.t.
ned NED 50 Jesper Schipper (Restore Cycling) s.t.
ned NED 51 Jelle Posthuma (Cyclingteam Jo Piels) s.t.
fra FRA 52 Frédéric Guesdon (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
ned NED 53 Martijn Keizer (Vacansoleil-DCM) 00:00:17
bel BEL 54 Evert Verbist (Veranda's Willems - Accent) s.t.
blr BLR 55 Yauheni Hutarovich (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
esp ESP 56 José Alberto Roman Benitez (Andalucia - Caja Granada) 00:00:18
ned NED 57 Bas Krauwel (Cycling Team De Rijke) s.t.
ita ITA 58 Andrea Guardini (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
bel BEL 59 Gregory Joseph (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
esp ESP 60 Juan Jose Lobato Del Valle (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
bel BEL 61 Dieter Vanthourenhout (Bkcp-powerplus) s.t.
esp ESP 62 Pablo Lechuga Rodriguez (Andalucia - Caja Granada) 00:00:19
ger GER 63 Martin Reimer (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
ita ITA 64 Giacomo Nizzolo (Leopard-Trek) s.t.
rsa RSA 65 Martin Wesemann (Team MTN Qhubeka) s.t.
cze CZE 66 Radomir Simunek (Bkcp-powerplus) s.t.
bel BEL 67 Tim Mertens (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
ned NED 68 Joost Van Leijen (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
ned NED 69 Michel Kreder (Garmin-Cervelo) 00:00:20
bel BEL 70 Jarl Salomein (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
bel BEL 71 Steve Schets (Donckers Koffie - Jelly Belly Cycling ...) 00:00:21
ned NED 72 Stef Clement (Rabobank) s.t.
bel BEL 73 Kevin Hulsmans (Donckers Koffie - Jelly Belly Cycling ...) s.t.
ned NED 74 Ricardo Van Der Velde (Donckers Koffie - Jelly Belly Cycling ...) s.t.
ned NED 75 Stefan Vreugdenhil (Cycling Team De Rijke) s.t.
bel BEL 76 Bert De Backer (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
rsa RSA 77 Arran Brown (Team MTN Qhubeka) s.t.
esp ESP 78 Juan Javier Estrada Ruiz (Andalucia - Caja Granada) 00:00:22
ita ITA 79 Pier Paolo De Negri (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
ned NED 80 Emmanuel Van Ruitenbeek (Eddy Merckx - Indeland ) s.t.
fra FRA 81 Olivier Bonnaire (Française Des Jeux) 00:00:23
ned NED 82 Johim Ariesen (Cyclingteam Jo Piels) s.t.
bel BEL 83 Wietse Bosmans (Bkcp-powerplus) s.t.
bel BEL 84 Kris Boeckmans (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
rsa RSA 85 Bradley Potgieter (Team MTN Qhubeka) s.t.
ned NED 86 Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (Cycling Team De Rijke) s.t.
ned NED 87 Hans Dekkers (Landbouwkrediet) 00:00:24
bel BEL 88 Sven Jodts (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
esp ESP 89 Manuel Ortega Ocana (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
bel BEL 90 Wim De Vocht (Veranda's Willems - Accent) s.t.
ned NED 91 Martijn Maaskant (Garmin-Cervelo) s.t.
ned NED 92 Wim Stroetinga (Ubbink-Koga Cycling Team) 00:00:25
aus AUS 93 William Clarke (Leopard-Trek) s.t.
rsa RSA 94 Dylon Girdlestone (Team MTN Qhubeka) s.t.
bel BEL 95 Stijn Neirynck (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
den DEN 96 Martin Pedersen (Leopard-Trek) 00:00:26
ned NED 97 Pim De Beer (Cyclingteam Jo Piels) s.t.
bel BEL 98 Stijn Joseph (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
ned NED 99 Wouter Mol (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
ned NED 100 Arnoud Van Groen (Veranda's Willems - Accent) s.t.
ita ITA 101 Diego Caccia (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) 00:00:27
ned NED 102 Raymond Kreder (Team Chipotle) s.t.
gbr GBR 103 Roger Hammond (Garmin-Cervelo) 00:00:28
aus AUS 104 Wesley Sulzberger (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
bel BEL 105 Vincent Baestaens (Landbouwkrediet) 00:00:29
rsa RSA 106 Johannus Nel (Team MTN Qhubeka) s.t.
ger GER 107 Dominik Klemme (Leopard-Trek) 00:00:30
bel BEL 108 Kevin Peeters (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
bel BEL 109 Steven Caethoven (Veranda's Willems - Accent) s.t.
ger GER 110 Michael Kurth (Eddy Merckx - Indeland ) 00:00:32
bel BEL 111 Michael Vanderaerden (Donckers Koffie - Jelly Belly Cycling ...) s.t.
ned NED 112 Peter Schep (Ubbink-Koga Cycling Team) s.t.
bel BEL 113 Christian Patron (Eddy Merckx - Indeland ) 00:00:33
ita ITA 114 Emmanuele Vona (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
bel BEL 115 Wilfried Cretskens (Donckers Koffie - Jelly Belly Cycling ...) 00:00:34
jpn JPN 116 Takashi Miyazawa (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) 00:00:35
ita ITA 117 Alberto Ongarato (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
ger GER 118 Matthias Bertling (Eddy Merckx - Indeland ) s.t.
BRA 119 Otavio Didier Bulgarelli (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
ita ITA 120 Marcello Pavarin (Vacansoleil-DCM) 00:00:36
esp ESP 121 Jose Vicente Toribio (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
rsa RSA 122 Dennis Van Niekerk (Team MTN Qhubeka) 00:00:39
NAM 123 Petrus Lotto (Team MTN Qhubeka) 00:00:40
ita ITA 124 Roberto De Patre (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) s.t.
cze CZE 125 Lubos Pelanek (Farnese Vini-Neri-Sottoli) 00:00:43
ned NED 126 Cornelius Van Ooijen (Cyclingteam Jo Piels) 00:00:45
ned NED 127 Joop De Gans (Eddy Merckx - Indeland ) 00:00:49
ned NED 128 David Van Der Poel (Bkcp-powerplus) 00:00:50
esp ESP 129 Jose Luis Cano (Andalucia - Caja Granada) 00:01:00
ned NED 130 Mitchell Huenders (Cyclingteam Jo Piels) 00:01:05
ned NED 131 Jan Bos (Cyclingteam Jo Piels) 00:01:11
esp ESP 132 Jesus Rosendo Prado (Andalucia - Caja Granada) 00:01:16
ltu LTU 133 Egidijus Juodvalkis (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
ned NED 134 Coen Vermeltfoort (Rabobank) s.t.

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