Gilbert wins GP Wallonie, rides everyone off his wheel
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gilbert wins GP Wallonie, rides everyone off his wheel

by Bjorn Haake at 2:06 PM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Race Reports and Results
Belgian wins atop the Citadel de Namur for second time in career

philippe gilbertPhilippe Gilbert (Omega Pharma-Lotto) took the GP Wallonie for the second time in his career with another display of unmatchable power. The Belgian champion rode everyone else off his wheel on the way up to the Citadel in Namur, in the Wallonian region of Belgium. The dozen-strong group he beat was collectively two seconds behind, with Julien Simon (Saur - Sojasun) in second and Vacansoleil's Björn Leukemans in third.

The race went ideal for Gilbert. "It was a very fast race with a headwind," he told Sporza after his 18th season win. His team had the work cut out. "Because a large group went away we had to work hard to get the breakaway back," he said.

Gilbert moves to BMC next season, but he may miss one or the other pal on the Lotto team. "My team worked really well, especially in the final and closed the gap just at the right moment."

Gilbert repeated his 2006 victory of a race that ends with a tough uphill. "I started on the Citadel in a nice position, but nobody wanted to race." It can be a problem sometimes when you race aggressively like Gilbert but you have to be patient in oder to not throw away your chances. Gilbert has really mastered it to go at exactly the right time. "When Rabobank accelerated it was my moment and I attacked at the steepest part."

An 11-man strong group dominated the day. On the climbs in the final the group shuffled, but still stayed away. It was thanks to the efforts by Gilbert's teammates David Boucher and Olivier Kaisen that the peloton reached the escapers before the final up to the top.

Edwig Cammaerts of Landbouwkrediet tried a last ditch effort but his motor was running on empty with 1.5 kilometers to go. Gilbert then came to the front, put on his trademark back burner and rode across the line the way he likes to - alone and with his arms in the air.

It was Gilbert's last race before the World Championships in Denmark. In Copenhagen the Belgian superstar hopes crown his incredible season.


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GP de Wallonie (1.1) Results: Chaudfontaine to Namur (203.1km)

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Country Result Name Team Time
bel BEL 1 Philippe Gilbert (Omega Pharma-Lotto ) 05:00:08
fra FRA 2 Julien Simon (Saur-Sojasun) 00:00:02
bel BEL 3 Bjorn Leukemans (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
bel BEL 4 Bert De Waele (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
bel BEL 5 Davy Commeijne (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
pol POL 6 Michal Kwiatkowski (RadioShack) s.t.
esp ESP 7 Oscar Gomez Freire (Rabobank) s.t.
fra FRA 8 Guillaume Levarlet (Saur-Sojasun) s.t.
aut AUT 9 Stefan Denifl (LEOPARD - TREK) s.t.
bel BEL 10 Maxime Vantomme (Katusha) s.t.
bel BEL 11 Nikolas Maes (Quick Step) s.t.
fra FRA 12 Vincent Jerome (Europcar) s.t.
fra FRA 13 Arnaud Gerard (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
fra FRA 14 Maxime Bouet (Ag2r-La Mondiale) s.t.
fra FRA 15 Anthony Roux (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
bel BEL 16 Eliot Lietaer (Efc - Quickstep Cycling Team) s.t.
bel BEL 17 Nick Nuyens (Saxo Bank-Sungard) s.t.
fra FRA 18 Jonathan Hivert (Saur-Sojasun) 00:00:08
fra FRA 19 Laurent Pichon (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
por POR 20 Bruno Manuel Silva Pires (LEOPARD - TREK) s.t.
bel BEL 21 Bert Scheirlinckx (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
bel BEL 22 Staf Scheirlinckx (Veranda's Willems - Accent) 00:00:11
fra FRA 23 Yoann Offredo (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
bel BEL 24 Romain Zingle (Cofidis) s.t.
fra FRA 25 Romain Feillu (Vacansoleil-DCM) 00:00:14
aus AUS 26 David Tanner (Saxo Bank-Sungard) s.t.
bel BEL 27 Fabio Polazzi (Wallonie - Bruxelles) s.t.
ned NED 28 Reinier Honig (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
bel BEL 29 Nico Sijmens (Cofidis) s.t.
ger GER 30 Fabian Wegmann (LEOPARD - TREK) s.t.
bel BEL 31 Pieter Jacobs (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
bel BEL 32 Johan Coenen (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
bel BEL 33 Niels Vandyck (Jong Vlaanderen - Bauknecht) s.t.
fra FRA 34 Yannick Martinez (Ag2r-La Mondiale) s.t.
ned NED 35 Dirk Bellemakers (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
den DEN 36 Anders Lund (LEOPARD - TREK) s.t.
bel BEL 37 Jelle Vanendert (Omega Pharma-Lotto ) s.t.
bel BEL 38 Sean De Bie (Ovyta - Eijssen Acrog ) s.t.
bel BEL 39 Kevyn Ista (Cofidis) s.t.
bel BEL 40 Geert Verheyen (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
fra FRA 41 Jeremie Galland (Saur-Sojasun) s.t.
bel BEL 42 Thomas Degand (Veranda's Willems - Accent) s.t.
fra FRA 43 Kevin Reza (Europcar) s.t.
aus AUS 44 Luke Roberts (Saxo Bank-Sungard) s.t.
den DEN 45 Kasper Larsen Klostergaard (Saxo Bank-Sungard) s.t.
pol POL 46 Michal Golas (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
bel BEL 47 Olivier Kaisen (Omega Pharma-Lotto ) s.t.
fra FRA 48 Giovanni Bernaudeau (Europcar) s.t.
rus RUS 49 Ivan Rovny (RadioShack) s.t.
fra FRA 50 Thomas Voeckler (Europcar) s.t.
ned NED 51 Sander Oostlander (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
bel BEL 52 Sebastien Delfosse (Landbouwkrediet) 00:00:23
bel BEL 53 Laurens De Vreese (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
bel BEL 54 Jurgen Van Goolen (Veranda's Willems - Accent) 00:00:34
bel BEL 55 Geert Steurs (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) 00:00:36
bel BEL 56 Gaetan Bille (Wallonie - Bruxelles) s.t.
bel BEL 57 Gregory Habeaux (Veranda's Willems - Accent) s.t.
bel BEL 58 Boris Dron (Lotto - Bodysol - Pôle Continental Wal...) s.t.
bel BEL 59 Edwig Cammaerts (Landbouwkrediet) s.t.
sui SUI 60 Steve Morabito (BMC Racing) s.t.
fra FRA 61 Anthony Delaplace (Saur-Sojasun) 00:00:40
fra FRA 62 Florian Guillou (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
fra FRA 63 Guillaume Le Floch (Europcar) s.t.
fra FRA 64 Yann Huguet (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
ned NED 65 Jetse Bol (Rabobank) 00:00:43
bel BEL 66 Jimmy Janssens (Omega Pharma-Lotto-Davo) 00:00:46
slo SLO 67 Jan Tratnik (Quick Step) 00:00:48
fra FRA 68 Julien Berard (Ag2r-La Mondiale) s.t.
ned NED 69 Pieter Weening (Rabobank) 00:00:54
rus RUS 70 Arkimedes Arguelyes Rodriges (Katusha) s.t.
fra FRA 71 Yuriy Krivtsov (Ag2r-La Mondiale) 00:01:00
ger GER 72 Marcus Burghardt (BMC Racing) s.t.
bel BEL 73 Pieter Serry (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
bel BEL 74 Rudy Rouet (Wallonie - Bruxelles) s.t.
fra FRA 75 Matthieu Sprick (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
bel BEL 76 Sander Armee (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
fra FRA 77 Jean Marc Bideau (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
fra FRA 78 Rémi Pauriol (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
bel BEL 79 Kristof Vandewalle (Quick Step) s.t.
bel BEL 80 Tom Dernies (Lotto - Bodysol - Pôle Continental Wal...) 00:01:05
bel BEL 81 Gilles Devillers (Wallonie - Bruxelles) s.t.
usa USA 82 Taylor Phinney (BMC Racing) 00:01:13
ita ITA 83 Marcello Pavarin (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
ned NED 84 Dennis Van Winden (Rabobank) 00:01:16
rsa RSA 85 Jaco Venter (Veranda's Willems - Accent) s.t.
rus RUS 86 Artem Ovechkin (Katusha) s.t.
bel BEL 87 Jonas Vangenechten (Wallonie - Bruxelles) s.t.
sui SUI 88 Michael Schar (BMC Racing) 00:01:20
fra FRA 89 Jérémy Roy (Française Des Jeux) 00:01:22
ned NED 90 Laurens Ten Dam (Rabobank) 00:01:24
fra FRA 91 Sébastien Chavanel (Europcar) 00:01:38
fra FRA 92 David Boucher (Omega Pharma-Lotto ) 00:01:44
ita ITA 93 Marco Bandiera (Quick Step) 00:02:07
bel BEL 94 Stijn Vandenbergh (Katusha) 00:02:09
slo SLO 95 Borut Bozic (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
jpn JPN 96 Fumiyuki Beppu (RadioShack) 00:02:12
nzl NZL 97 Jesse Sergent (RadioShack) s.t.
fra FRA 98 Hubert Dupont (Ag2r-La Mondiale) s.t.
rus RUS 99 Vladimir Isaychev (Katusha) s.t.
ita ITA 100 Marco Marcato (Vacansoleil-DCM) 00:02:16
ita ITA 101 Rinaldo Nocentini (Ag2r-La Mondiale) s.t.
bel BEL 102 Frederik Veuchelen (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
bel BEL 103 Jens Debusschere (Omega Pharma-Lotto ) 00:02:21
bel BEL 104 Klaas Lodewyck (Omega Pharma-Lotto ) s.t.
bel BEL 105 Guillaume Van Keirsbulck (Quick Step) s.t.
fra FRA 106 Frédéric Guesdon (Française Des Jeux) 00:02:23
fra FRA 107 Steve Chainel (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
fra FRA 108 Thomas Damuseau (Skil-Shimano) 00:02:29
ned NED 109 Joost Van Leijen (Vacansoleil-DCM) 00:02:56
arg ARG 110 Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Saxo Bank-Sungard) 00:03:14
ita ITA 111 Manuele Boaro (Saxo Bank-Sungard) s.t.
fra FRA 112 Romain Hardy (Bretagne Schuller) 00:03:29
bel BEL 113 Gil Suray (Lotto - Bodysol - Pôle Continental Wal...) 00:04:33
fra FRA 114 Arnaud Labbe (Cofidis) s.t.
ned NED 115 Maarten Tjallingii (Rabobank) s.t.
ned NED 116 Robin Chaigneau (Skil-Shimano) s.t.
rus RUS 117 Alexander Mironov (Katusha) s.t.
usa USA 118 Chad Beyer (BMC Racing) s.t.
bel BEL 119 Arthur Vanoverberghe (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
bel BEL 120 Floris Smeyers (Ovyta - Eijssen Acrog ) s.t.
sui SUI 121 Simon Zahner (BMC Racing) s.t.
fra FRA 122 Armindo Fonseca (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
fra FRA 123 Sebastien Duret (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
lux LUX 124 Frank Schleck (LEOPARD - TREK) s.t.
bel BEL 125 Antoine Demoitie (Lotto - Bodysol - Pôle Continental Wal...) s.t.
lux LUX 126 Jempy Drucker (Veranda's Willems - Accent) s.t.
fra FRA 127 Brice Feillu (LEOPARD - TREK) s.t.
fra FRA 128 Florent Barle (Cofidis) s.t.
fra FRA 129 Julien Loubet (Ag2r-La Mondiale) s.t.
bel BEL 130 Pieter Vanspeybrouck (Topsport Vlaanderen - Mercator) s.t.
ned NED 131 Arnoud Van Groen (Veranda's Willems - Accent) 00:04:42
bel BEL 132 Florent Serry (Lotto - Bodysol - Pôle Continental Wal...) 00:05:54
fra FRA 133 Fabrice Jeandesboz (Saur-Sojasun) 00:06:31
fra FRA 134 Christophe Laborie (Saur-Sojasun) s.t.
bel BEL 135 Kevin Thome (Lotto - Bodysol - Pôle Continental Wal...) 00:06:41
bel BEL 136 Hophra Gerard (Ucs Crabbé Performance VOO) s.t.
fra FRA 137 Yann Moritz (Vendée U) 00:09:08
fra FRA 138 Arnaud Courteille (Française Des Jeux) s.t.
sui SUI 139 Johann Tschopp (BMC Racing) s.t.
usa USA 140 Chris Butler (BMC Racing) s.t.
rus RUS 141 Alexander Porsev (Katusha) s.t.
fra FRA 142 Eric Berthou (Bretagne Schuller) 00:09:46
fra FRA 143 Romain Lemarchand (Ag2r-La Mondiale) 00:12:09
isr ISR 144 Ran Margaliot (Saxo Bank-Sungard) s.t.
bel BEL 145 Christophe Premont (Wallonie - Bruxelles) s.t.
rus RUS 146 Denis Galimzyanov (Katusha) 00:12:39
bel BEL 147 Maxime Anciaux (Lotto - Bodysol - Pôle Continental Wal...) 00:12:44
ger GER DNF Andreas Stauff (Quick Step)  
bel BEL DNF Andy Cappelle (Quick Step)  
fra FRA DNF Bryan Nauleau (Europcar)  
kaz KAZ DNF Dmitriy Muravyev (RadioShack)  
ita ITA DNF Francesco Chicchi (Quick Step)  
bel BEL DNF Frederik Willems (Omega Pharma-Lotto )  
nzl NZL DNF George Bennett (RadioShack)  
aus AUS DNF Graeme Brown (Rabobank)  
bel BEL DNF Jens Keukeleire (Cofidis)  
bel BEL DNF Jonathan De Witte (Wallonie - Bruxelles)  
est EST DNS Kalle Kriit (Cofidis)  
bel BEL DNF Kenny Dehaes (Omega Pharma-Lotto )  
bel BEL DNF Kevin Van Melsen (Veranda's Willems - Accent)  
bel BEL DNF Kevin De Jonghe (Ovyta - Eijssen Acrog )  
den DEN DNF Martin Mortensen (LEOPARD - TREK)  
ger GER DNF Martin Reimer (Skil-Shimano)  
fra FRA DNF Nicolas Edet (Cofidis)  
bel BEL DNF Olivier Pardini (Wallonie - Bruxelles)  
fra FRA DNF Renaud Dion (Bretagne Schuller)  
nzl NZL DNF Sam Bewley (RadioShack)  
bel BEL DNS Steve Bekaert (Omega Pharma-Lotto-Davo)  
swe SWE DNF Tobias Ludvigsson (Skil-Shimano)  
fra FRA DNF Yannick Talabardon (Saur-Sojasun)  
ukr UKR DNF Yaroslav Popovych (RadioShack)  

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