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Starting a new season with a new slate and a new mindset
Posted on 3/12/2012 11:19:08 AM

Racing season is upon us, team-training camps are done, and all the equipment is dialed for the new season

 During the off-season, riders have plenty of time to reflect on the past season and see what worked and what didn’t work for the team and themselves. Everyone comes into the season with new goals and team ambitions. Every rider may have different personal goals, but the team as a whole has one goal we all try to obtain.

Training camp is a good way to get to know everyone on the team, not just the riders, but staff, management, and sponsors.  Throughout the season we all work together on and off the bike to be one cohesive unit.  Team Exergy has two camps this year.  We had a sponsor camp in Boise, Idaho, where the team met to talk about their product that we will be using this season. It was a good way to learn about the equipment, and to get to know the company a little bit more.  Then we just finished up a ten-day training camp in Ventura, California where it was about testing the legs and the new equipment. We had many hours in the saddle to get comfortable with our new gear, and our teammates. This is where relationships and bonds are made with teammates. During the season it is very important to have a strong relationship with your fellow riders, as you will be sacrificing everything for them during the season.  It is like a second family, you have to trust them with everything or you will not be able to accomplish anything.
First race of the year is already in the books and we are charging into the 2012 race year. This past weekend was the Merco Cycling Classic in Merceed, CA where the team rode great together. We were able to get our sprinter two 3rds and a Win on the 120 mile road race on the last day. Finished 2nd and 4th on General Classification. 
I am currently in Boise, Idaho awaiting the team presentation next Monday. This is where the team will show off all of our sponsors and riders to the media. It is going to be a big year so stay tuned. 
Thanks for reading,
The Gingers 

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