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Our mission is  to provide a central location on the Internet where cyclists can work together to grow the sport as well as their collective voice.
That's a big statement - how do you plan on accomplishing it?
VeloNation's goal is to finance high school cycling leagues when the business becomes financially viable.
We believe the best way to integrate cycling into culture is to introduce it as an organized sport at an early age.  VeloNation will serve as a resource to help facilitate that process.  Youth cycling programs will raise the awareness level of the sport and work towards keeping racing, commuting, and recreational cyclists safer on pubic roads. 
In the meantime we will work to educate cyclists in order to help them get over the learning curve that comes when first getting involved in the different aspects of the sport.
How do you plan to make VeloNation useful for the many demographics within cycling?
By building applications that benefit the cycling community and providing interesting and thought provoking content.  The key to keeping VeloNation relevant is listening to the community.


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