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One step behind
Posted on 11/23/2009 12:26:00 PM

This weekend I only raced yesterday at Hamme-Zogge - I didn't get a very high place, but things ended up going okay.

I started out well again which is good, but I couldn't keep up with the lead group. Basically, I was the first guy to get himself popped out of the front group after a couple of laps. It was super windy yesterday, and with the field and the bridge on the course you had major headwinds and crosswinds!

When I lost contact there was a huge gap - it was probably over 30 seconds to the next guy - I thought to myself, "Oh boy, it would be nice to have somebody here with me!" But I just buried myself trying to work my way back.

The only mayhem that was going on for me today was self inflicted. There was a really steep ride-up that then went immediately down - I somehow managed to wash my front wheel out at the top and continued to tumble down the other happened when I was at my limit, and lets just say it didn't help my chances of getting back onto the front group!

I ended up riding most of the race by myself until 2 laps to go when a group caught me from behind.

Not a stellar day results-wise, but I'm just one step behind. Next weekend I'm racing both days and will be looking for that extra step at the World Cup in Koksijde and Superprestige in Gieten.

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