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Another day in Wisconsin's Outback
Posted on 6/13/2011 9:30:07 AM

Our host family manages to make great even better

As you'll see from the photos below, were a very unhappy group...breakfast awaited as we strolled down between 7-8h30 yesterday morning, fresh free roam scrambled eggs with smoked deer sausage! Waahooo!!! What a way to start the day...and then of course I made the first pot of coffee, so that got some heartbeats thumping.

General consensus is that maybe we should just stay the week here and train! As you'll see from the photos- the two lads are two of 'my boys' - on the right Stephen Mullen who's just made a flying leap from cat 5 to cat 1 in several months. With a background as a distance runner he's got the engine, lung capacity, and is just testing the waters. On his right is hockey player converted to cyclist, a very young Brendon Feehery, also on an upward learning curve and ready to head out of the starting gates.

The group photo is everyone pre ride listening to director extraordinaire Michael Englemen's last words of advice before we head out for 2h30 on the road for some intervals, tempo, sprints, etc....and, of course, we returned home to find 3 batches of cookies - some gluten free and others with various goodies.

Yep, think we'll stay here for the week and discover more of Wisconsin's outback!

The third photo is of my day's ride, yoopieeee!

Tomorrow we head back into town with a bit of sadness as we've all been adopted or have at least adopted our hosts as team parents!

More to come tomorrah!

Thanks for reading,

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