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And who said it only rains in Vendée?
Posted on 2/9/2010 7:34:00 PM

This morning as I drove to race headquarters in Les Essarts there was snow on the side of the road...the wet slushy type. The car thermometer read 2 degrees. The sky looked fairly cloudless though, and the blue sky seemed like it was willing to appear.

Thomas (Voeckler) assured me that for our 6 hour ride we'd hit the coast and the weather would be better. He was right. It was a whopping 5 degrees on the coast, a tad windy, and the boys were loving their 20' efforts into the wind!

Our rider from Marseille, Said, seemed to have lost his hands to the cold on the way home, but he managed to finish the ride slapping his handle bars to get some circulation back into his fingers.

Snowflakes started to fall as we returned from our 6 hours, but nothing seems to want to stick or fall steadily. Tomorrow will be shorter with a tad behind the moto to spice up life!

Cheers and thanks for reading,

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