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Today's wet ride, the rain in Spain...
Posted on 1/19/2010 2:26:00 AM

This morning we set off at 10am for a warm up followed by a lactic session...a 4hour ride with 2500m of up and down. 2 sets of 6x2' at 100 rpms slightly and or very uphill. Of course it started to drizzle on the way out, but it was 12 degrees out and I ended up shedding my thermal vest because i was too hot.

I rode to the mountain with a very warm plastified long jersey and opted for my rain gear at the base. The boys took their work seriously and pummeled out their efforts one by one. At the top of the climb we opted to u-turn and do the second set back up as it was warmer at the bottom then at 900m.

Once the efforts were finished we all seemed to be smelling oats and everyone started tearing into it home. The problem was that we had to climb to get out, and this new climb was made up of short 500-1km steep bursts with gradual false flats in between...I suffered like a pig so I know I wasn't the only one in pain - on the descent I picked up a 92kph reading - by the time we hit the bottom and the national main road it was raining even harder.

We averaged 45kph for a good 23 kms...all i can say is when it rains it pours and it feels good when you're done!

Cheers and thanks for reading,

As promised I have some photos of the training camp courtesy of Thierry Tavers from Top Velo Magazine - Click Here to have a look!

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