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Climb, climb, climb...
Posted on 1/14/2010 10:59:00 PM

Yesterday was a bit full on so here I am back in action...we started with what was meant to be an active recuperation ride but with the gale force winds it was a mission...at times we were at 15kph in a cross wind and at others at over 60kph!

For the afternoon ride the wind suddenly vanished and we were able to absorb the 16 degrees and sunshine as the riders did strength work on a long climb we chose for the occasion. We had a photographer -journo from Top Velo with us for a few days so as soon as he sends me photos I'll send them on. Finished the day with 160kms, good efforts and ready for today!

This morning we took off with good temps, a bit of grey looming in the distance but nothing ferocious. We had planned a bit of neuromuscular work mixed with speed work. The circuit was 3 hours with a few climbs...and climb we did!!! The first climb was 12kms, we rode through some really nice landscapes, pine trees, forests, etc., screamed down a super long descent and suddenly we were heading up another climb surrounded by snow! The amazing thing, especially for me as I'm always a wuss in the cold, was that it wasn't cold....on the 2nd climb (10kms) it started to rain, on the descent it started to rain sideways and as we approached the plateau I noticed the big windmills turning ferociously. On the final climb (8kms) it was more than pouring, the winds were woohoo! but we still weren't cold! We sailed down the descent, and well, sometimes you have to improvise...we ended up doing one big long effort instead of the 2 sets planned, made it home very wet but safe!

This afternoon is dedicated to sorting out programs, massage, tech work, and I do believe naps for some!

Photos will come soon, promise and hopefully more sun tomorrow!

Cheers, and thanks for reading,

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