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Posted on 11/29/2009 4:14:00 PM

Sunday - a sun sandwich...

Today's program was a 3-4 hour pending. At 8am this morning it was chillier than the other days but no rain. At our 10am departure time it was raining. We set off anyway, myself in the peloton as well, and it was pouring. I did have an inkling of a thought that I didn't have to ride, I could ride in the car, but this was an easier way for me to judge everyones form and to see that all the position changes are spot on.

The gear and trucks

An hour out on the bike and the sun came out loud and strong! Amazing what the sun can do for your attitude! We finished in more rain but it was about time we saw the sun! The last 2 wee little climbs (yes, there are hills in Vendée) just about catapulted my lungs out of my system.

When we got back to our base I heard the same roar I've heard every morning. No, it wasn't riders complaining, I actually thought it was a CD playing over and over that was part of the Puy du Fou historical show. The roar was 17 lions that are part of the show and they are really big cats. The photos here don't do them justice, but I didn't want to use the flash out of fear I may bother them.

As for our ride, we covered 100kms in a about 3hrs and I took a very big nap soon after...

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