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Day one...
Posted on 11/24/2009 4:38:00 PM

Day one of any training camp is often about reading your program correctly, and because were also working on bike fits, new bikes, and other systems, there are always kinks to work out. No one remembers how to read an Excel spread sheet, with colors no less, so after the 24th question of what time does my group leave and when, all is now in order.

New EPS Colnago

At 9am this morning 14 of us went off for a 45' easy run. We found a nice trail on which we crossed paths with some Belgian horses pulling tourist carts, and then found a pretty nice forest to run in. Once back at our 'domain' we hit the gym I set up to work on a leg circuit followed by abs, lower back, stability, stability and more stability and then some core strength work. I suspect Ill have 14 geriatric patients tomorrow but we can only go up from here!

This afternoon was divided into two groups; one group who ran and lifted this morning, while the others went to work with our bike fitting engineers. The 14 who rode this afternoon were treated to their first ride on our flash new EPS Colnagos - photos will come this evening as I've still got some running around to do. They rode 2h, 70kms and everyone seems quite happy, so yay!!!

More to come soon!!


Seb on his bike
Seb on his new bike!

View from the car

A view from the car. 


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