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The Shark of Sharm el Sheikh
Posted on 12/21/2010 12:58:26 PM

Maybe you want me to speak about bicycles and wheels and gears and everything...but November was the month of holidays and what better way to start this blog than speaking of my holiday?

This year I chose Sharm el Sheikh as a destination for my vacation. Like many Europeans, I like the warm and beautiful sea that Egypt has to offer tourists in November. But you can imagine how I feel now after I have seen in the newspaper the fact that a person was killed by a shark in Sharm, right where I was on holiday a few weeks ago!!!
Like many others I was always getting into the water to admire the beauty of the coloured corals and fishes (the small ones). Certainly when you swim you always think about the enormity and the unknown that hides in the big blue sea. We have even made an excursion in the Blue hole area where the sea is 115 meters deep.
Now that I am at home and I've started training, and all of this seems like another world. But when I away in Egypt it was possible to enjoy my time.
The cause of the attacks could be the inconsiderate illegal fishing that brought the sharks near the coast, or perhaps the  Muslim sacrifice week where they kill many animals and throw the bodies into the sea. These act like bait for the sharks.
I also climbed Mount Sinai in my holidays in Egypt. It is 2280 meters high and usually you do the walk during the night, seeing the dawn when you arrive on the top. It was like being inside a giant crib, with people walking with camels in a desert panorama!
Today I would like to have the climate of Egypt here, as I will do three hours of training and there is fog outside...
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