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February 25, 2017   

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RideDescriptionContributorWhenDistanceTotal Climb 
salers d680 carlos contolé 03 Jan 2013 16.3 Miles (26.2 Kms) 1942 feet
Clevedon-twilight road Nice gentle ride to clevedon with twilight road. Can be done in reverse or with West road (18 per cent) Geoff Gummer 22 Oct 2012 24.4 Miles (39.3 Kms) 943 feet
Bombay loop Mostly easy, some climbs from to bombay, then 10km of 1 downgrade to drury.. nice. Geoff Gummer 22 Oct 2012 47.6 Miles (76.6 Kms) 1426 feet
Airport Loop Manurewa to the airport and back Geoff Gummer 22 Oct 2012 33.1 Miles (53.2 Kms) 647 feet
Jol_1 Normand Briand 12 Oct 2012 9.9 Miles (16.0 Kms) 957 feet
Madère_2 Normand Briand 11 Oct 2012 130.3 Miles (209.7 Kms) 9013 feet
2012 NYS TT Championships Dieter Drake 14 Mar 2012 15.9 Miles (25.7 Kms) 752 feet
Hunter Mountain Spring Classic Dieter Drake 03 Mar 2012 39.0 Miles (62.8 Kms) 2736 feet
Fitchburg Worcester Section Dieter Drake 14 Feb 2012 4.4 Miles (7.1 Kms) 561 feet
Campiones to the Road to Nepal out and back Starting at Campiones, this route will take you through the Glenmore reservoir and then to the end of the infamous Road to Nepal: 80km out and back. Danger Dirt 29 Dec 2011 50.4 Miles (81.2 Kms) 2007 feet
2012 Tour of the Battenkill Dieter Drake 02 Nov 2011 62.4 Miles (100.4 Kms) 3497 feet
2012 Tour of the Battenkill Cat 2 Loop2 Dieter Drake 02 Oct 2011 20.9 Miles (33.6 Kms) 1993 feet

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