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June 17, 2024   

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Round Kyle of Lochalsh Ratagan Kylerhea ferry Stunning scenery, 2 good climbs, the traditional turntable ferry to Sky operates Easter to October - described as the best ferry in Scotland: John Picken 30 Aug 2010 38.5 Miles (62.0 Kms) 2503 feet
Kelso to Berwick upon Tweed via Holy Island mostly lanes via Holy Island still couple of good climbs 600m climbing. Need to note tides for causeway to Holy Island. Kelso, Ford, Holy Island and Berwick all deserve stops. John Picken 28 Aug 2010 47.9 Miles (77.1 Kms) 2251 feet
East Ochills climbing gem Climbers day, many 14 per cent climbs with over 1300 metres climbing on quiet, narrow roads some a bit rough. Superb climb from Dunning gem of a day. 1st 46k climbs 117ft per mile or 22.5m per K John Picken 28 Aug 2010 47.3 Miles (76.1 Kms) 3674 feet
Rothiernorman Deveron vale to Rothiemay return Undulating route, mostly pretty and quiet back roads, out via Deveron to return via upper Ythan and Rothie streams climb 66ft per mile or 12m per K. John Picken 28 Aug 2010 39.6 Miles (63.7 Kms) 2621 feet
Bathgate Stirling via canal Fintry hills need to use main rd shown from Bathgate not old rail track, bad round Cumbernauld, Canal fine Fintry hills fine climbs 900+m climbing John Picken 20 Aug 2010 57.0 Miles (91.7 Kms) 2714 feet
Stirling to Bathgate via Campsies and canal Over Campsies, walk ford then canal past Falkirk Wheel through canal tunnel, may want lights, over hills to Bathgate interesting route 1000m climbing John Picken 20 Aug 2010 44.9 Miles (72.2 Kms) 2429 feet
Lords Throat my favourite local run. Section by the R Don is superb. Agree with google about 560m climbing. John Picken 20 Aug 2010 29.6 Miles (47.7 Kms) 1812 feet
Kelso to Wooler then Berwick upon Tweed quiet roads via Wooler, Kelso Wooler and Berwick all worth a stop. Walk the old bridge across the Tweed, do the walls of Berwick as well. Only 500m climbing for the day John Picken 20 Aug 2010 38.9 Miles (62.6 Kms) 2210 feet
Murlough Road A super little climb average 13 with 17 per cent grades and fabulous views finishing in lovely Ballycastle for the pub, or on up Glentress for an Antrim Glen. John Picken 20 Aug 2010 7.0 Miles (11.3 Kms) 1613 feet
Musselburgh to Kelso mostly quiet roads Train to Musselburg then mostly quiet and or back roads. Big hill at Stow where there is a good cafe. As usual with undulating routes on Google it understates climbing, about 1100metres or 3,600feet. John Picken 20 Aug 2010 45.6 Miles (73.3 Kms) 2685 feet
Black Mountain Gwynfe LLoyd Thomas 10 Aug 2010 25.0 Miles (40.2 Kms) 2283 feet

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