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Sidi Sidi Genius 4 (2000)

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Price: $225.00

Manufacturer: Sidi


"Amazing shoes with a high, but worthy, price tag."

by Tim S
Yes, a high price tag! That is without a question the biggest downfall of these cycling shoes. I should have trusted my instinct and bought these shoes first. After buying two other pairs of cycling shoes, now sitting unused, I have found my shoe for life.

Fit. These shoes fit perfectly for me. Some say that Sidi's run a bit too narrow. For my foot this is dead on. All other shoes I have tried have too wide of a toe box and my foot flops around with each stroke. Not only is this annoying, but I'm wasting power with each stroke.

Ratchet system. Sidi's ratchet system is precise, easy to use while riding, and allows for a perfect fit each time.

Leather. Real leather is used in making these shoes. The longer you own them the better they fit. You will need to occasionally put some leather conditioner on them.

Product Commitment. After years I had worn down the velcro on the lower two straps. I contacted Sidi and they sent me all new straps. A local cobbler was able to replace them and I have a brand new pair of shoes to last another five years.

Price. Yes, it's a lot. I had to get over it and I am glad I got them.

Break In. Since these shoes are real leather it takes a little time to get them broken in. After that they are perfect.

Heel. The small heel pad wears relatively quickly. This can be replaced, but gets a bit annoying.

If you're thinking about this, just get them. Trust your instinct.

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