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Knog Frog Micro Light (2008)

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Price: $10.00

Manufacturer: Knog Frog


"Best blinker for your buck!"

by Brian Butts

Everyone who rides in low light/pitch black conditions, whether in the city or in the country, needs a blinking safety light. It’s probably best to have two or three. The people at Knog Frog have the perfect blinker for you.

The Knog Frog Micro Light solves the old problem of those hard-cased clip on blinker lights by formulating a light, bright, silicone encased LED light that easily straps to your bike or helmet via a built in flexible strapping mechanism.

Each Knog Frog Micro light is available in 12 colors, is water resistant, and has two light settings. One gives constant light and has a battery life of 80 hours. Simply push the on/off a second time to turn on the blinking light mode, with a battery life of 160 hours. One more push turns the light off. The battery is a 2 coin cell – CR2032, is easily changed by pushing the encased light body out of it’s silicone shell, and are available almost everywhere batteries are sold.

The main selling point of this Super-bright LED safety light is the ease and versatility with which it is attached to you and your bike. The stretchable silicone loop is easily stretched around seat posts, stems, handlebars, helmets, etc. without tools and within seconds. At only 12 grams you can be assured it won’t rattle off and fall to the ground, but even if it does the soft silicone will just bounce along the ground until you turn around and pick it up.

The people at Knog Frog have certainly elevated the way safety lights are developed and used and at only $10 a light the Micro Light is well worth the price for the updated version.


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