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Stella Azzura Eleganza Handlebar Tape (2009)

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Price: $20.00

Manufacturer: Stella Azzura


"best handlebar-tape you can buy"

by Brian Butts
Stella Azzurra has produced one of the best handlebar tapes to date with Eleganza.

I've used many different handlebar-tapes made from a variety of different materials, and I have to say, the Eleganza line from Stella Azzura is my favorite.

Cork tape is probably the most popular and cheapest, but for me, it is too thick on my handlebars and rips too easily. Cloth tape is skinnier but doesn't handle moisture and can get slippery. Stella Azzurra's Eleganza tape marries the best of both Cork and Cloth tapes with none of the disadvantages.

The Eleganza tape is held in place with adhesive backing and is strong enough to handle multiple stretches without ripping – an essential for all of us who still haven't learned the right way to wrap tape around shifters.

The polyurethane tape looks and feels thin enough on the handlebar, yet still provides enough cushioning to handle rough roads.

It is perforated on one side with two rows of white stitching that run the entire length of the bar-tape. It comes in a variety of colors to match any color scheme. (Solid White, Solid Black, Solid Blue, Solid Yellow, Solid Red, Solid Celeste, Blue-Black, Red-Black, Black-White, Yellow-Black, Red-White, Blue-White, Red-Blue, Celeste-Black, Yellow-Blue). The retro, stylish looks are sure to compliment any bike in your garage.

Most noticeably however is the Eleganza's ability to shed perspiration and maintain it's grip under any conditions, including rain. Add durability to this long list of attributes and you have the best handlebar tape in the market.

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