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HRM Malfunction?
Last Post 05/21/2013 11:22 AM by Jack Pouchet. 6 Replies.
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05/18/2013 06:22 PM
Has anyone ever had their HRM not receive a signal? My HRM read "00" for most of my ride Thursday so I assumed that my transmitter was cooked. Just to double check, I pulled out an old HRM for my Friday ride and it worked fine (side-by-side). The numbers are bright and the time is accurate so I'm not thinking low battery. Any ideas out there?


05/18/2013 06:34 PM
check battery in both transmitter and receiver - replace both at same time - always
make sure strap is snug against chest
I've had both problems


05/18/2013 08:17 PM
The Polar T31 transmitter is not consumer serviceable (unless you count melting and cutting to get to the battery).

My thinking is that if the strap was not tight enough and/or wet enough it wouldn't send a signal to either receiver. One receiver gets the signal while the other doesn't. Plus, if its not tight enough it slides down. If I have a battery for that receiver I might put it in just to eliminate that.

FYI-I use signal enhancer gel instead of spit.

Thanks steelbikerider!


05/19/2013 11:56 AM
Does your HRM monitor have a reset of any kind? If not, try to reset the HRM by removing the battery and then reinstalling.


05/19/2013 05:12 PM
Usually that's the battery in my experience as well.
Yo Mike


05/20/2013 09:50 AM
I have 2 Polar units, and may try to replace the battery in the sensor on one of them





05/21/2013 11:22 AM
Thankfully the electronics in our modern HRMs are almost mil-spec in resiliency and even handle a very wide range of shock, humidity, and temperature. Unlikely that anythhing short of a cliff jump or hitting the curb just right will take either unit out of service. Odds are as noted above you have a battery issue or strap adjustment, perhaps both.

If the ellastic in the strap is starting to go, uusually identified by two or more adjustments to the length that are not related to muscle-mass additions (PEDs?) or weight loss (training is working) then it is time to find a new strap.

Straps are best stored laying flat. Even with their low mass if left hanging on a hook in the garage they will stretch out over time. Note: personal experience on all items above, except for the PEDs.
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