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Anyone have fun bike projects going?
Last Post 02/26/2024 12:05 PM by smokey 52. 2 Replies.
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02/20/2024 02:59 PM
Smokey posted about the forum going quiet.  So I am going to try to breath a little life into it.  Here are my projects.  None earth shaking but smaller things to get several bikes to where they really should be.

1)  The Pro Miyata frame I love so much is going to get replaced by the exact same frame, just probably an adjacent year.  (Rust and acres of nail polish, remember?)  The new frame does have an issue.  Took it to Ti Cycles for alignment, facings and general eyes.  Dave found a crack in the BB shell.  (Above the threads, so quite fixable for less than gorillas and I qualify there.)  But 4-6" of paint will go.  Conveniently, those bikes have the decal ST and DT panels far enough away to stay untouched.  My plan is to spray (probably) the closest color I can get below the decals.

And the new frame will be a mixture of the parts that worked very nicely on the first plus some Superbe and DiaCompe Superbe style FD and brakes and a little used Cyclone GT in great shape with great springs.  

2)  Today I should be receiving spokes for a second Futura NOS rim and beautiful Ben's Cycle (Milwaukee, not my garage) double sided track hub.  The spokes - Sapim bladed.  Light!  Fun!)  My "race wheels" that will get Veloflex rubber.  "Training wheels" are already built - same rim and hubs, DT Revs, Corsa G+ rubber.  The gorgeous Futura rims so the brake pads stay on wherever the axle is located in Jessica J's long fix gear dropout.  Front rims are laced with Revs to a GP4 and GEL330.

3)  Fenders - I have 2 brand new SKS Blummels on my first Ti Cycles and the Mooney.  And yellow 2-part epoxy paint; enough for the rest of my life.  So I can finally ride the Ti Cycle bike with the fenders I envisioned when I was ordering the paint before the build.  (Fire engine red that looks super with yellow.  I knew when I ordered the bike Planet Bike had made yellow fender in road width.  Later talked to a shop owner that use to carry them.  I have never seen on.  Tried painting a black SKS.  Color was good but it chipped it you looked at it.  So I am going to go back to the (2023 formulation of) the pant I painted my boat with when I was 13.  And my UO-8,  With a brush.

While I am set up to do the fenders, I'll do the Miyata as well.

The Ti CYcles may have other issues.  It hasn't been ridden enough.  There are the speed wobbles, getting worse every year as I lose both strength and confidence.  I may need to add more chain deflectors to prevent the 9-speed chain from doing the drop between the chainrings.  (Old SR or Sugino crankset with the old, narrow arms that my knees love but real 3/32" spacing!  Set up now 50-38-24.  Custom Phil BB as narrow as can be run.  Close to the paint on both sides!  Knees love it!)

And the fix geared Mooney - rode 50 miles easy lsd Sunday.  Low 40sF.  Dressed perfect.  In 42-18, the bike felt wonderful.  Like all the joys of a custom bike by a fine builder and as good as it gets.  Fit with the almost track/criterium shaped bars with big reach and the 155 Ti Cycles stem was absolutely right on.  Just plain wow!  Perfectly comfortable the whole ride and hammered from stem to stern when I got home!

Off to lunch, then I'll put a 38C front and 35c rear tires on the Mooney and adjust the brand new fenders with their full length, leg snagging stays to fit.  File the ends, throw the sewups back on and ride them until paint time.

FedEx just dropped a package of spokes.  37 beautiful little airplane wings.  (5 spares.  Who knows where I'd be able to find these years from now when one breaks.  5 might survive in my stash.  No chance of one not running away.)

And with that, I believe I have wrecked Huckleberry's vows to not engage in endless thread reading.


02/20/2024 04:26 PM


02/26/2024 12:05 PM
Our town has another Repair Cafe in April, and I will be helping people with their bicycles. Donated bikes are fixed up and sent to a shop in a nearby town. That shop gives out free bikes to people in neighboring communities who need them, including any Cadets at West Point.
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