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tubeless question
Last Post 04/06/2022 08:26 PM by Frederick Jones. 3 Replies.
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04/06/2022 07:56 AM
I need to swap tires on my gravel bike and it's the first tubeless I have owned.  I am fine with the mounting, seating, sealant, inflating and all that.  But, I want to change the rim tape because the tape on the rear wheel has a tiny tear.  It holds air fine for a long ride but will lose pressure over several days.  I figure now is the time.  Couple questions for those with more experience.

1. Is it as easy to do as it looks in online videos
2. My wheel internal diameter is 23mm.  What width tape?  I see differing opinions ranging from only wide enough to cover the spoke holes to a little wider than the internal diameter (in my case probably 25mm)
3. Why do some folks recommend two layers and other only one layer?  Is it a tire pressure thing?  One layer will fail under higher pressures?  I tend to run my gravel tires at 60 psi.

Thanks!  Hope everyone is well moving into spring. 
Cosmic Kid


04/06/2022 02:31 PM
It holds air fine for a long ride but will lose pressure over several days.

That is pretty normal...unless you are saying it is completely flat after a few days.

Never done the tape personally, so can't help there.
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Orange Crush


04/06/2022 03:32 PM
All I know is that a friend had a similar issue, redid the tape, failed, did it again, failed again and then brought it to the shop. Not that this helps either. It just one of those stories that keeps me solidly in the tubed column.


04/06/2022 08:26 PM
My Stan's tape develops concave indentations over the nipple holes over time. This is with mtb pressures.
I tried double taping for fun and the indentations were minimized. The proposal to double rim sealing tape for road pressures intuitively makes sense, as long as it doesn't interfere with tire seating. But this is just me armchair wrenching, no actual experience. LaPlace may chime in here.
One could argue that ideal rims for tubeless have no drilled holes for spoke nipples. I have a set with such smooth rims and they are wonderfully easy to live with for tubeless mtb, not to mention stronger too. This may be a good way forward for pavement and gravel. UCI banning fattish cross tires a few years was a back set back for this idea.
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