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Learning through pain and money
Last Post 06/03/2022 04:13 PM by Frederick Jones. 6 Replies.
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06/02/2022 06:59 AM
Yesterday wasn't fun.  Received a bill from FedEx to the tune of $1,200 for duties based on an Ultegra groupset and cheap Mavic wheels from a UK site.  The entire order was only $2950 so this represents a 40% upcharge.

Their terms and conditions state "may be customs/import duties to pay", but that's never high-lighted during the order process.  Everything is super easy right up until after you've entered payment information.  

Suppose I'll just have to file this under a painful lesson learned.  I'm just baffled at how they can not be slightly more forthcoming when it involves this massive fee.  Well, I'm not baffled....they don't care at all and definitely aren't planning to have repeat international customers.  

They shouldn't even offer sales internationally, full stop.  


06/02/2022 11:27 AM
Woah. That's f#cked.
Cosmic Kid


06/02/2022 12:23 PM
So did it automatically hit your CC#?
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


06/02/2022 02:56 PM
I haven't paid the FedEx bill yet. I'd have refused to accept the shipment had I been informed of what the duty/tax would be. I'd return all the parts if it wasn't for the fact they have all been installed on new bike already. Not used yet though. The retailer simply said it's my fault for not researching what the costs would be. Having ordered parts from them in the past and having never been slapped with a massive bill, kinda wonder how I could have possibly known. I've had friends order entire groupsets from them without issue too.

The fact they declared the value at $4500 (and the 25% tax is applied to THAT amount) is up for dispute too. I've reached out to FedEx about everything and will likely file this with credit-card too. The fact that I wasn't informed of the costs by FedEx customs before accepting delivery really burns me.
Cosmic Kid


06/02/2022 08:14 PM
Yeah I would definitely contest those charges…at a minimum you seem to have a case for lowering the bill to a number based on what you actually paid.

But I would fight every inch of that bill from FedEx.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


06/03/2022 08:54 AM
Who was the retailer in the UK?


06/03/2022 04:13 PM
DHL. Never had an issue. (Did I just jinx myself?)
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