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Winter glove solutions...
Last Post 11/05/2022 10:46 AM by christopher behrens. 10 Replies.
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11/01/2022 06:50 PM
Been using DeFeet wool gloves for winter riding -- great for climbing in freezing temps, but when I descend -- which after a 10 mile climb to the snowline is alot -- my hands freeze to the point of being useless due to no windproofing. Any suggestions? I was hoping to just find a windproof/Goretex shell to slide over for the descent, but have had no luck. Gracias


11/01/2022 07:01 PM
Wool fan here. Insulates when wet, which is unique. Breathable overshells could add a big layer of additional warmth when needed.


11/01/2022 11:04 PM
Can you operate your controls with mittens? If so, consider chopper mitts with inner mittens. Chopper mitts; deerskin leather mittens traditionally used for chopping wood. I've been using them for winter riding since I was an early teen. (LL Bean carried them for decades until sometime in the '80s. Went without until I found them on the web. Now, googling chopper mitts will get you lots of hits.)

$40 will get you good ones. Go to a high end motorcycle site and you can get the same mitts for far more. Buy the biggest they carry. The bigger, the more hand positions you get.

Best part of those mitts as bike wear is the temperature range and the handlebar grip. That leather, kept in good shape with SnowSeal or equiv. is excellent so while you lose some favorite hand position, you gain others that aren't possible with the summer stuff. And climbing? Pull out the inners and just use the leather ones. Now they are so big you have almost all your positions back and they are comfortable to nearly room temperature. Get to the top, put those inners back in and have warm hands from both your still dry inners and having all your digits together like bodies in a sleeping bag.

Edit: compared to a lot to outer shell synthetic mitts, the grip on the handlebars is radically better.  That long descent will feel much more secure.  (I can easily imagine deerskin being a preferred glove of race car drivers.)


11/02/2022 01:41 PM
Check out AmFib lobster gloves.


11/03/2022 08:38 AM
I use my Spinner bike to keep my hands warm when pedaling in the winter! Guess I am a wimp ;-) Outdoors and snow on the ground, that's for snowshoeing and skiing!

I guess I fail Rule 5 in the winter :-(
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11/03/2022 09:51 AM name is CK and I'm a glove addict. 😜

I took a picture last year and sent it to my buddies...a huge pile of different winter / fall gloves. I'm always searching for the *right* pair of gloves.....and I have yet to find it.

What works best for me is a wide range of options, along with different glove liners. I have very thin, silk ones to thicker, polypro ones from Mizuno. I can now mix and match in a near-infinite number of combinations to find something that works. And if my hands get too warm, I can always ditch the liners.

Another options to consider are bar mitts / pogies....I have a pair on my fat bike and they are incredibly warm. It can be snowing and below freezing out and I only need a thin pair of gloves when I use them.
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11/03/2022 04:17 PM
I just double purpose the ski gloves which works fine. And yes have a big pile for a range of cold not so cold and wet versus dry conditions.

Also consider whether your body is maybe too busy keeping other parts (head, core) warm to bother with hands. So maybe solution is elsewhere.


11/03/2022 04:27 PM
Feet do fine, core feels good, and my thick head of hair never lets me down.

Always the fingers. Climbing in winter I usually take off the gloves after some effort, but on the descent the wool weave allows too much wind to get through and turn them useless.

That's why I though a basic windproof shell to stuff in my pocket and then use on the decent over my existing gloves would be a good solution.

Ordered an XXL pair of HandsUp gloves to try although they aren't just a shell, but were reasonable priced. I'll let you know If I just wasted $36 ; )


11/05/2022 05:30 AM
As is CK, I’m a glove slut and compounding the problem I was the Midwest sales rep for a brand of snowmobile and motorcycle gear. The number of samples I bought was over the top.

I’ve got a couple pair of Gore Windstopper gloves and a few Gore-Tex ones in addition to all sorts of others including two pair of armored Moto gloves I use for mountain biking. Nice to have when you slug a tree cutting a corner too sharp.

Anyway, for real cold days and skiing these are my go to gloves. All day warmth and not stupid bulky.


11/05/2022 06:31 AM
Klim makes nice stuff!


11/05/2022 10:46 AM
That would be a nice Christmas gift... Dale (hint, hint)

I'll PM you my shipping address.
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