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Roe v. Wade
Last Post 06/26/2022 03:01 PM by Orange Crush. 3 Replies.
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06/24/2022 06:00 PM
SCOTUS out of touch. Sometimes you can have the minority opinion and be correct, but not in this case. The majority of Americans favor compassion and personal choice. The orange menace has a lasting effect.


06/24/2022 06:19 PM
The hypocritical GQP and religious nutcases have won once again!! Love how their motto is 'freedom' but it's only for them to be free to do or say whatever they want, not anyone else.

This ruling is truly disgusting and I'm not proud to be an American at all. This country is run by the American Taliban hellbent on sending us back to the stone age. And they've gamed the system for so long that it's inevitable they will secure total control starting with the mid-terms and shortly followed by the next presidential election. Won't matter if they don't win. They'll have congress, senate and the SC to rule in their favor.

It is done.


06/24/2022 08:25 PM
It's amazing the extent of the moral gymnastics a person of the religious persuasion will perform in order to hold onto their delusions, and the truly heinous things they are willing to accept be done to others in their claims to be devotees of a god.

Useful suckers for the puppeteers is all they are.
Orange Crush


06/26/2022 03:01 PM
The problem runs much deeper than the mental gymnastics of a bunch of out of touch hypocrites.

As with other US democratic institutions the fundamental issue is that they’ve outlived their usefulness and are out of touch with modern democratic processes. Some good commentary comparing the massive reach of US Supreme Court to other countries here:
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