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Seattle, Portland and Vancouver hit the Top 10!
Last Post 10/20/2022 11:53 PM by Orange Crush. 4 Replies.
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10/20/2022 06:16 PM
Yup. Air quality. In Parts Per Million. (I struggle with calling this "Air Quality" when more = less. I think we should call this "Air Quantity"; ie, more particles raising the AQ.)

Seattle and Portland currently sit at the world's worst air. Vancouver a distant 10th but still worthy of mention. Sounds like another 30 hours to go. My home's sitting at 200 PPM right now. Every time I look, it is a little higher. Local weather has it's Storm Tracker Alert in full force. (This storm has howling 2 MPH wind. Now a real storm with wind off the ocean and plenty of rain would be very welcome. Storm Tracker Alert in that case - Alert! It's time to inhale deeply and party!)

Physically, I'm sitting at a low. This air and I got my 3rd booster yesterday. Wrote the above this morning. Went outside to finish a project and get ready for the wet. Wore a white 3M dust mask (N95). Not white anymore. Did get reminded things could be worse when I came across a pile of feathers.


10/20/2022 06:49 PM
Crazy air quality out there right now. I visit my daughter in Salt Lake City a few times a year. In the winter the inversion is atrocious! They live up a bit above the city so looking down it's disgusting.

I was a kid in the late 60's in the Yakima valley where they heated orchards with smudge pots. It's a wonder I have any functionality in my lungs after that. Some orchardists would burn stacks of tires, which was illegal but not prosecuted to any degree for years. I caught the tail end of that era.

I got my flu shot last week and was asked if I'd like the newest booster- just released. Sure!
Looks like that was shot #7 counting the initial set of 2.
Orange Crush


10/20/2022 08:12 PM
Which Vancouver? The real one or the one in US?

Here in real one we were at AQI 8 yesterday which equates to smoking 5 cancer sticks per day. Bad but not exactly chain smoking, right?!

Right now is AQI 4 so only 2.5 cigs?! Not sure if it’s a linear scale.


10/20/2022 10:13 PM
I assumed it was you, that our Vancouver really didn't count, but I guess I'm wrong.

AQI was 200 here this morning. Down to 172 a couple of hours ago. The site I go to is Oregon only so I don't get to see what's across the Columbia.

This year here has been far better than two of the past three.This week has been bad and a couple of days going in to Cycle Oregon. Bad at the start of my drive east. (The weird eclipse-like lighting at 10am. Being able to look directly at the sun.) Much better when I arrived 2/3 of the way across the state and it improved all week. (I say "here". Further east and south, very different over the past several months.
Orange Crush


10/20/2022 11:53 PM
Ah, we just have a simple 0-10 scale, so 8 was pretty bad.

Wasn’t sure as our little cousin is just a bridge away for you.
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