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My birds - It's kiddie time!
Last Post 08/13/2023 01:38 PM by smokey 52. 1 Replies.
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08/06/2023 10:42 PM
I've watched two juvenile hummingbirds feed at the feeder. First for it's first ever. He/she could barely fly and hold the feeder in his sights. Stabbed a few times but I don't know he ever got the nozzle. (Successful drink, I get to see a bubble float up. Alphie can do 9 in one "sitting". Females - several. The youngsters are rapidly getting better but I am already seeing Alpha-to-be chasing off a more timid one.

And the sparrows. Friday I watched four of I thought three different species. A larger one with brown and white patterned breast and two smaller roughly similar colored. Larger ruled and all others stepped back. Middle had a reddish breast and seemed to be bossing around the smaller ones while yielding to the dominant one. Pulled out my binocs. (Treated myself to Nikon M7 8 X 42s. What a treat! Best glasses I've used with my eyeglasses by a lot.) Then I got it. Ms reddish was bossing around those little ones because they were her brood. Also dropping food down one's throat while the other looked on quite impatiently.

So she and her kids flew to my feeder so I could watch her feed them right in front of my study! And now I know why the feeder level is dropping so fast. (2 inches in barely over 24 hours.) She's eating for three. The hummer feeders are going down almost as fast but I'm guessing the kids aren't doing a lot of damage yet - still the skill factor - but mom is both feeding them and trying to recoup lost weight. (Four or five bubbles from a female is a lot.)

Time to play the Albert Collins hummingbird theme song. "I Ain't Drunk. I'm Just Drinking."


08/13/2023 01:38 PM
We have a couple of hummingbird feeders in the back and one in the front. They all get traffic, especially the ones in the back. There are at least two females and one male (none of them ride bicycles). The females chase each other away. At first I thought the male was chasing the females away from the feeder, but now I think he was just trying to knock them up.
Here in NY, we mostly have ruby-throats.
Graeme Gibson (Margaret Atwood's beau) was into birds but developed a form of ALS. As his dementia progressed, he said "I no longer know their names, but then, they don't know my name either." He just enjoyed watching them.
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