Patrick Gretsch fastest in the prologue in Vuelta a Andulucía
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Patrick Gretsch fastest in the prologue in Vuelta a Andulucía

by Kyle Moore at 9:38 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Race Reports and Results
TT specialist gets early race lead over returning champ Markel Irizar

Patrick GretschPatrick Gretsch (Project 1t4i) covered the six-kilometer prologue course around San Fernando, Spain in 6 minutes 49 seconds to take the prologue of the Vuelta a Andulucía-Ruta Ciclista del Sol.

The German was two seconds better than the race’s returning champion Markel Irizar (Radioshack-Nissan) and three seconds faster than Jeróme Coppel (Saur-Sojasun). It was Gretsch’s debut for Project 1t4i, and the win today comes on the same day as team-mate Marcel Kittel’s win in the final stage of the Tour of Oman.

Gretsch has begun to make a habit of winning time trials, as the 24-year-old took two with HTC-Highroad last season, including the prologue of the Ster ZLM Tour as well as the individual time trial in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge.

On an 18-degree day with little wind, Canadian Ryan Roth (Spidertech p/b C10) set the early best mark. Jens Voigt (Radioshack-Nissan) was the first to best it, followed quickly by Michael Matthews (Rabobank).

Matthews’ mark of 6 minutes 55 seconds would stand for some time, holding up against noted TT specialist Jose Ivan Gutierrez (Movistar), until Gretsch blazed through with what would be the winning mark.

Featured riders Alejandro Valverde (Movistar), Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel-Euskadi), Robert Gesink (Rabobank), Denis Menchov (Katusha), Jelle Vanendert (Lotto-Belisol), and Dutch road champion Pim Ligthart (Vacansoleil-DCM) could do nothing with the time of Gretsch.

Irizar was last to start and came closest to matching the German, but instead settles for second and a solid start to his defence of the Andalucia title. Matthew’s effort sees him take a strong fourth.

Stage two takes riders 197 kilometers from Zahara to Benalmádena.


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Vuelta a Andulucía-Ruta Ciclista del Sol, Spain (2.1) Stage 1 Result: San Fernando TT (6km)

  Click on the arrowsat the top of the column to sort the race results.
Country Result Name Team Time
ger GER 1 Patrick Gretsch (1t4i) 00:06:49
esp ESP 2 Markel Irizar Aranburu (RadioShack - Nissan) 00:00:02
fra FRA 3 Jérome Coppel (Saur-Sojasun) 00:00:03
aus AUS 4 Michael Matthews (Rabobank Cycling Team) 00:00:06
bel BEL 5 Gaetan Bille (Lotto - Belisol Team) 00:00:08
aut AUT 6 Matthias Brandle (Team NetApp) 00:00:10
bel BEL 7 Maxime Monfort (RadioShack - Nissan) s.t.
ned NED 8 Wilco Kelderman (Rabobank Cycling Team) 00:00:11
ned NED 9 Tom Dumoulin (1t4i) s.t.
esp ESP 10 José Ivan Gutierrez Palacios (Movistar Team) 00:00:12
ita ITA 11 Daniele Bennati (RadioShack - Nissan) s.t.
ger GER 12 Jens Voigt (RadioShack - Nissan) s.t.
est EST 13 Rein Taaramäe (Cofidis - Le Credit En Ligne) s.t.
esp ESP 14 Haimar Zubeldia Agirre (RadioShack - Nissan) 00:00:15
blr BLR 15 Vasil Kiryienka (Movistar Team) s.t.
can CAN 16 Ryan Roth (SpiderTech powered by C10) 00:00:16
esp ESP 17 Mikel Astarloza (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
sui SUI 18 Reto Hollenstein (Team NetApp) s.t.
ned NED 19 Robert Gesink (Rabobank Cycling Team) 00:00:17
esp ESP 20 Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
esp ESP 21 Juan Manuel Garate (Rabobank Cycling Team) 00:00:18
ger GER 22 Linus Gerdemann (RadioShack - Nissan) s.t.
ger GER 23 Grischa Niermann (Rabobank Cycling Team) s.t.
ned NED 24 Steven Kruijswijk (Rabobank Cycling Team) 00:00:19
esp ESP 25 Alejandro Valverde Belmonte (Movistar Team) s.t.
ned NED 26 Pim Ligthart (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
ltu LTU 27 Ignatas Konovalovas (Movistar Team) 00:00:20
uzb UZB 28 Sergey Lagutin (Vacansoleil-DCM) 00:00:21
usa USA 29 Caleb Fairly (SpiderTech powered by C10) s.t.
slo SLO 30 Simon Spilak (Katusha Team) s.t.
aut AUT 31 Daniel Schorn (Team NetApp) 00:00:22
esp ESP 32 Gustavo Cesar Veloso (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
rus RUS 33 Denis Menchov (Katusha Team) 00:00:23
can CAN 34 Ryan Anderson (SpiderTech powered by C10) s.t.
esp ESP 35 Gorka Izagirre Insausti (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
esp ESP 36 Javier Moreno Bazan (Movistar Team) s.t.
ned NED 37 Brian Bulgac (Lotto - Belisol Team) 00:00:24
ger GER 38 Markus Fothen (Team NSP - Ghost) s.t.
esp ESP 39 Benat Intxausti (Movistar Team) s.t.
bel BEL 40 Jelle Vanendert (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
ned NED 41 Bauke Mollema (Rabobank Cycling Team) s.t.
fra FRA 42 David Lelay (Saur-Sojasun) 00:00:25
esp ESP 43 Imanol Erviti Ollo (Movistar Team) s.t.
cze CZE 44 Leopold Konig (Team NetApp) s.t.
bel BEL 45 Francis De Greef (Lotto - Belisol Team) 00:00:26
sui SUI 46 Andreas Dietziker (Team NetApp) s.t.
fra FRA 47 Alexandre Geniez (1t4i) 00:00:27
ger GER 48 Simon Geschke (1t4i) s.t.
ita ITA 49 Matteo Carrara (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
fra FRA 50 Jimmy Engoulvent (Saur-Sojasun) 00:00:28
fra FRA 51 Yann Huguet (1t4i) s.t.
esp ESP 52 Juan José Oroz Ugalde (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
ita ITA 53 Marco Marcato (Vacansoleil-DCM) 00:00:29
rus RUS 54 Eduard Vorganov (Katusha Team) s.t.
esp ESP 55 Adrian Palomares Villaplana (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
esp ESP 56 Pablo Lechuga Rodriguez (Andalucia - Caja Granada) 00:00:30
ned NED 57 Joost Van Leijen (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
fra FRA 58 Samuel Dumoulin (Cofidis - Le Credit En Ligne) s.t.
lux LUX 59 Frank Schleck (RadioShack - Nissan) 00:00:31
ned NED 60 Rob Ruijgh (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
ned NED 61 Rene Hooghiemster (Team NSP - Ghost) 00:00:32
ned NED 62 Stefan Van Dijk ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
esp ESP 63 Antonio Piedra Perez (Caja Rural) s.t.
can CAN 64 Will Routley (SpiderTech powered by C10) s.t.
ned NED 65 Kenny Van Hummel (Vacansoleil-DCM) 00:00:33
fra FRA 66 Yannick Talabardon (Saur-Sojasun) s.t.
cze CZE 67 Jan Barta (Team NetApp) s.t.
pol POL 68 Bartosz Huzarski (Team NetApp) s.t.
rus RUS 69 Yuri Trofimov (Katusha Team) 00:00:34
sui SUI 70 Raimond Künzli (SpiderTech powered by C10) s.t.
esp ESP 71 Daniel Moreno Fernandéz (Katusha Team) s.t.
esp ESP 72 Luis Angel Mate Mardones (Cofidis - Le Credit En Ligne) 00:00:35
fra FRA 73 Nicolas Vogondy (Cofidis - Le Credit En Ligne) s.t.
usa USA 74 Lucas Euser (SpiderTech powered by C10) s.t.
bel BEL 75 Steven Caethoven ( – Willems Veranda’s) 00:00:36
ukr UKR 76 Oleg Chuzhda ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
ger GER 77 Jacob Fiedler (Team NSP - Ghost) s.t.
bel BEL 78 Thomas Degand ( – Willems Veranda’s) 00:00:37
col COL 79 Leonardo Fabio Duque (Cofidis - Le Credit En Ligne) s.t.
fra FRA 80 Fabrice Jeandesboz (Saur-Sojasun) s.t.
esp ESP 81 Oscar Gomez Freire (Katusha Team) s.t.
fra FRA 82 Jean-marc Marino (Saur-Sojasun) s.t.
esp ESP 83 Igor Anton Hernandez (Euskaltel - Euskadi) 00:00:39
bel BEL 84 Gert Dockx (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
fra FRA 85 Stéphane Poulhies (Saur-Sojasun) s.t.
bel BEL 86 Dennis Vanendert (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
esp ESP 87 Egoi Martinez De Esteban (Euskaltel - Euskadi) 00:00:40
esp ESP 88 Juan Jose Lobato Del Valle (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
MEX 89 Flavio De Luna (SpiderTech powered by C10) 00:00:41
fra FRA 90 Tristan Valentin (Cofidis - Le Credit En Ligne) s.t.
bel BEL 91 Kevin Van Melsen ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
ger GER 92 Johannes Frohlinger (1t4i) s.t.
esp ESP 93 Jorge Azanza Soto (Euskaltel - Euskadi) s.t.
por POR 94 Manuel Antonio Leal Cardoso (Caja Rural) 00:00:43
jpn JPN 95 Yukihiro Doi (1t4i) 00:00:44
esp ESP 96 Igor Romero Etxebarria (Caja Rural) s.t.
esp ESP 97 Jesus Rosendo Prado (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
esp ESP 98 Javier Ramirez Abeja (Andalucia - Caja Granada) 00:00:45
esp ESP 99 Aitor Galdos Alonso (Caja Rural) 00:00:47
fra FRA 100 Mickael Buffaz (Cofidis - Le Credit En Ligne) 00:00:48
ger GER 101 Steffen Radochla (Team NSP - Ghost) s.t.
bel BEL 102 Jurgen Van Goolen ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
esp ESP 103 Javier Francisco Aramendia Lorente (Caja Rural) s.t.
esp ESP 104 Antonio Cabello Baena (Andalucia - Caja Granada) 00:00:49
esp ESP 105 Daniel Dominguez Barragan (Team NSP - Ghost) s.t.
ger GER 106 Sergej Fuchs (Team NSP - Ghost) 00:00:51
ita ITA 107 Luca Paolini (Katusha Team) s.t.
esp ESP 108 David De La Fuente Rasilla (Caja Rural) 00:00:52
rus RUS 109 Nikita Novikov (Vacansoleil-DCM) s.t.
bel BEL 110 Gregory Habeaux ( – Willems Veranda’s) 00:00:59
URU 111 Fabricio Ferrari (Caja Rural) 00:01:04
fra FRA 112 Leo Menville (Team NSP - Ghost) 00:01:19

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