Ask The Pro: Returning to cycling after a long layoff
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ask The Pro: Returning to cycling after a long layoff

by Forme Coaching at 7:45 AM EST   comments
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Ask The ProOver the past two decades professional cycling as a sport has changed significantly.  Gone are the days when riders were expected to race straight through the entire season.  Now it is a profession where teams are more selective about the riders they send to individual races, and the riders are also more focused on racing to their strengths.

Today's question

Scott FoilQuestion: When you are coming back into the sport from a long lay off (not one caused by injury), what are the things to look out for? Do I need to change my bike position? I've noticed that after confirming that my measurements are what previously worked for me while doing more cycling, my position on the bike doesn't feel right.

Also, at this point in time, is training with power over-rated or over emphasized? In other words, for someone just getting back into cycling, shouldn't the main thing be settling back into a training routine, just getting out there on the bike? Everyone I talk to these days tells me I'm wasting my time if I don't have a power meter. – Niall, Edmonton, Canada.

Dan Fleeman: After a long layoff it could be possible that your bike position needs modifying. Your posture or muscles may have changed, meaning what was your optimum position before is no longer correct now. I would suggest starting from scratch with a professional bike fit to find your correct position.

A power meter is always a great way to not only get specific with your training but to track progression. You could use this when starting back in order to get a baseline fitness level through doing a FTP test, then conduct a similar test every two to three months to keep track on how your training and fitness is progressing.

You are certainly not wasting your time without a power meter but they certainly help you see in black and white how your fitness is coming along.

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