Presidential Tour of Turkey: Bos bosses Goss and Colli in Alanya sprint
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Presidential Tour of Turkey: Bos bosses Goss and Colli in Alanya sprint

by Shane Stokes at 2:32 PM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Race Reports and Results, Presidential Tour of Turkey
Former world track sprint champion grabs first leader’s jersey with sprint win

Theo BossAvoiding a nasty crash inside the final two kilometres which brought some riders down and delayed others, Theo Bos (Rabobank) came from behind to pip GreenEdge’s Matt Goss on the line on day one of the Presidential Tour of Turkey.

The former world track sprint champion played things perfectly, biding his time when Goss jumped, then overtaking him when the Australian tired into a slight headwind.

Goss hung on for second, while the Italian Team Type 1 rider Daniele Colli was third.

Bos took the first turquoise leader’s jersey as a result, and later credited his team-mates Graeme Brown and Matt Renshaw for doing much in the closing moments to ensure his win.

“It was not a hard race today, which made the finale even harder. We focused with the team on the lead-out,” he said in the post race press conference. “Everything worked out well in the last lap but we hoped to have more men after the corner.

“It was difficult with only two riders, Mark Renshaw and Graeme Brown in front of me. Graeme did a really good job to help Mark and myself. Then Mark took me very far as well. A Greenedge rider went and I could not take the wheel because Matt Goss was there. I kept sprinting thinking maybe I can finish second. But I had a good jump at the finish line.”

Speaking to VeloNation in a video interview before the race, Renshaw had said that he and Bos would both get opportunities as protected riders for sprints. Stage one ended up being Bos’ turn, as the Dutchman explained afterwards.

“Today we decided it was a good race for me, with no big climbs or anything. It was a good chance to work the sprint out for me. Mark will also have his chance and we’ll try a 100 percent for him.”

Breakaway octet gets a big gap:

Early on, a break of eight riders went clear. It was sparked off right after the drop of the flag when Will Routley (SpiderTech), Adrian Hegevary (United Health Care) and Adrian Kurek (UNA) rode aggressively and opened a gap. Five others bridged acros very soon afterwards, namely Albert Timmer (Argos Shimano), Maxim Belkov (Katusha), Frederique Robert (LTB), Javier Ramirez (ACG) and Gabor Kasa (SLC).

The peloton was visibly taking things easy on the first two of the eight laps of the 16.9 kilometre Alanya circuit, with the riders chatting between themselves and looking unhurried. It was very different in the break, with the octet up the road working hard to build a lead of eight minutes 25 seconds after 38 kilometres of racing.

However that was also the turning point, with the peloton accelerating and knuckling down to the pursuit. The Farnese Vini Selle Italia team of Andrea Guardini was one of the first to start, and did a lot of work as the stage progressed. So took the Omega Pharma Quick Step team, which combined with the Italian team to reel in lone chaser Adrian Kurek (Utensilnord Named) and to further reduce the advantage of the break. Out front, Ramirez won the first intermediate sprint (km 50.7), while Robert took the Turkish Beauties sprint ahead of Belkov at kilometre 84.5.

Ramirez and Hegevary realized the game was nearly up and attacked together. Their chances got a boost when a big crash took down several riders, including the 2011 race victor Alexander Efimkin (Team Type 1). He and the other riders would however manage to get back up to the peloton.

Having gained slightly due to the distractions of the crash, Ramirez and Hegevary fought gamely onwards. However with two laps left, their lead was only very slightly above half a minute and things were looking bleak. They were finally hauled back 22 kilometers out.

The sprinters’ teams continued to ride hard to keep things together and to battle for position. Guardini’s Farnese Vini Selle Italia team had done a lot and appeared to burn itself out, with other teams coming through inside the final kilometres.

Mixed reactions:

Matt GossGoss’ GreenEdge team rode strongly in the finale to set him up and, had there not been a headwind, he might have held on after jumping hard.

“When I crossed the line, I had no idea who was coming on my left and whether I had won or not,” he said. “It was pretty close between Theo Bos and me. I’m still happy. On such a fast circuit you really spend a lot of energy.

“It’s the first time I found myself led out by the whole Greenedge team. They made a terrific job and stayed cool all the way. I would have loved to finish the job in style, but it’s still a very good result.”

If Goss was expected on the podium, Colli was a surprise. He’s fast, but there’s others in the race who are regarded as more likely to battle for sprint wins. That’s a good reflection on his performance today, as it showed he is now at a level where he can battle some of the world’s best sprinters for stage victories.

“I’m doing pretty well since the start of the season and on all terrains,” he said. “I’m not a fast rider like Goss and Bos and I’m really proud to be with them on the podium. The finale was tricky. With 50 metres to go I even believed I could win, but I was 30 metres short.”

He seemed relatively satisfied with the outcome, but another who was on the podium wasn’t. Robert ended up with the white jersey as leaders of the Turkish Beauties sprint classification, but was convinced those in the break could have got more.

“There was a lot of wind and in the break, several riders were going very slowly. It was stupid because we had taken a seven minutes lead in a few kilometres,” he said. “I don’t know why they did it. If everybody had worked together, the remainder of the stage could have gone differently.

“I wanted to win the intermediate sprint to take a jersey. Unfortunately, I crashed after two laps and my wrist hurts. I hope it’s not broken and I can start again tomorrow.”


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Presidential Tour of Turkey (2.HC) Stage 1 Result: Alanya to Alanya, 135km:

  Click on the arrowsat the top of the column to sort the race results.
Country Result Name Team Time
ned NED 1 Theo Bos (Rabobank Cycling Team) 03:05:55
aus AUS 2 Matthew Goss (GreenEdge Cycling Team) s.t.
ita ITA 3 Daniele Colli (Team Type 1 - SANOFI) s.t.
ita ITA 4 Alessandro Petacchi (Lampre - ISD) s.t.
ned NED 5 Boy Van Poppel (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
ita ITA 6 Francesco Chicchi (Omega Pharma - Quickstep) s.t.
jpn JPN 7 Takashi Miyazawa (Team Saxo Bank) s.t.
bra BRA 8 Rafael Andriato De Mattas (Farnese Vini - Selle Italia) s.t.
ita ITA 9 Filippo Baggio (Utensilnord - Named) s.t.
ned NED 10 Tom Veelers (Argos-Shimano) s.t.
kaz KAZ 11 Valentin Iglinskiy (Astana Pro Team) s.t.
aus AUS 12 Hilton Clarke (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
ita ITA 13 Marco Zanotti (Utensilnord - Named) s.t.
bel BEL 14 James Vanlandschoot ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
col COL 15 Juan Pablo Forero Carreno (Colombia - Coldeportes) s.t.
tun TUN 16 Rafaa Chtioui (Europcar) s.t.
ita ITA 17 Stiven Fanelli (Utensilnord - Named) s.t.
ned NED 18 Dennis Van Winden (Rabobank Cycling Team) s.t.
ita ITA 19 Filippo Fortin (Team Type 1 - SANOFI) s.t.
por POR 20 Manuel Antonio Leal Cardoso (Caja Rural) s.t.
aus AUS 21 Brett Lancaster (GreenEdge Cycling Team) s.t.
aus AUS 22 Mark Renshaw (Rabobank Cycling Team) s.t.
fra FRA 23 Laszlo Bodrogi (Team Type 1 - SANOFI) s.t.
ita ITA 24 Andrea Guardini (Farnese Vini - Selle Italia) s.t.
rus RUS 25 Alexey Tsatevitch (Katusha Team) s.t.
kaz KAZ 26 Alexandr Dyachenko (Astana Pro Team) s.t.
fra FRA 27 Romain Hardy (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
fra FRA 28 Sébastien Turgot (Europcar) s.t.
ita ITA 29 Sacha Modolo (Colnago CSF Bardiani) s.t.
esp ESP 30 Juan Jose Lobato Del Valle (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
esp ESP 31 Javier Francisco Aramendia Lorente (Caja Rural) s.t.
ukr UKR 32 Volodymyr Bileka (Konya Torku Seker Sport) s.t.
esp ESP 33 Gustavo Cesar Veloso (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
aus AUS 34 Robbie Mcewen (GreenEdge Cycling Team) s.t.
fra FRA 35 Anthony Ravard (Ag2R - La Mondiale) s.t.
bel BEL 36 Wim De Vocht ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
ned NED 37 Martijn Verschoor (Team Type 1 - SANOFI) s.t.
ukr UKR 38 Denys Kostyuk (Lampre - ISD) s.t.
ita ITA 39 Matteo Pelucchi (Europcar) s.t.
ukr UKR 40 Vitaliy Buts (Lampre - ISD) s.t.
col COL 41 Fabio Andres Duarte Arevalo (Colombia - Coldeportes) s.t.
esp ESP 42 Jesus Rosendo Prado (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
fra FRA 43 Florian Vachon (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
fra FRA 44 Sebastien Duret (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
rus RUS 45 Mikhail Ignatyev (Katusha Team) s.t.
rus RUS 46 Alexander Efimkin (Team Type 1 - SANOFI) s.t.
svk SVK 47 Marek Canecky (Salcano Manisaspor Cycling Team) s.t.
ukr UKR 48 Yuri Metlushenko (Konya Torku Seker Sport) s.t.
iri IRI 49 Amir Zargari (Ag2R - La Mondiale) s.t.
ERI 50 Daniel Teklehaymanot (GreenEdge Cycling Team) s.t.
kaz KAZ 51 Yevgeniy Nepomnyachshiy (Astana Pro Team) s.t.
gbr GBR 52 Andrew Fenn (Omega Pharma - Quickstep) s.t.
rus RUS 53 Boris Shpilevsky (Ag2R - La Mondiale) s.t.
aus AUS 54 Graeme Brown (Rabobank Cycling Team) s.t.
ita ITA 55 Marco Coledan (Colnago CSF Bardiani) s.t.
ita ITA 56 Francesco Lasca (Caja Rural) s.t.
ger GER 57 Robert Förster (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
kaz KAZ 58 Assan Bazayev (Astana Pro Team) s.t.
bel BEL 59 Jurgen Van Goolen ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
ita ITA 60 Sonny Colbrelli (Colnago CSF Bardiani) s.t.
ita ITA 61 Davide Ricci Bitti (Farnese Vini - Selle Italia) s.t.
ita ITA 62 Edoardo Girardi (Utensilnord - Named) s.t.
uru URU 63 Fabricio Ferrari (Caja Rural) s.t.
pol POL 64 Karol Domagalski (Caja Rural) s.t.
bul BUL 65 Danail Andonov Petrov (Caja Rural) s.t.
fra FRA 66 Jean Luc Delpech (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
ita ITA 67 Diego Caccia (Farnese Vini - Selle Italia) s.t.
rus RUS 68 Vladimir Gusev (Katusha Team) s.t.
esp ESP 69 Antonio Cabello Baena (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
esp ESP 70 Adrian Palomares Villaplana (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
esp ESP 71 Eloy Ruiz Pinto (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
tur TUR 72 Fatih Harmanci (Salcano Manisaspor Cycling Team) s.t.
arg ARG 73 Enzo Josue Moyano (Caja Rural) s.t.
tur TUR 74 Hüseyin Özcan (Konya Torku Seker Sport) s.t.
ned NED 75 Jos Van Emden (Rabobank Cycling Team) s.t.
ita ITA 76 Marco Canola (Colnago CSF Bardiani) s.t.
ita ITA 77 Enrico Battaglin (Colnago CSF Bardiani) s.t.
rus RUS 78 Maxim Belkov (Katusha Team) s.t.
pol POL 79 Michal Golas (Omega Pharma - Quickstep) s.t.
pol POL 80 Adrian Kurek (Utensilnord - Named) s.t.
cze CZE 81 Frantisek Rabon (Omega Pharma - Quickstep) s.t.
ltu LTU 82 Aidis Kruopis (GreenEdge Cycling Team) s.t.
tur TUR 83 Mustafa Sayar (Konya Torku Seker Sport) s.t.
tur TUR 84 Muhammet Atalay (Konya Torku Seker Sport) s.t.
ukr UKR 85 Serhy Hrechyn (Konya Torku Seker Sport) s.t.
por POR 86 Andre Cardoso (Caja Rural) s.t.
ned NED 87 Coen Vermeltfoort (Rabobank Cycling Team) s.t.
den DEN 88 Jonas Aaen Jorgensen (Team Saxo Bank) s.t.
tur TUR 89 Ahmet Akdylek (Salcano Manisaspor Cycling Team) s.t.
irl IRL 90 Philip Deignan (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
usa USA 91 Joey Rosskopf (Team Type 1 - SANOFI) s.t.
bul BUL 92 Ivailo Gabrovski (Konya Torku Seker Sport) s.t.
ger GER 93 Andre Schulze (Team NetApp) s.t.
ger GER 94 Andre Greipel (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
swe SWE 95 Tobias Ludvigsson (Argos-Shimano) s.t.
ita ITA 96 Davide Vigano (Lampre - ISD) s.t.
col COL 97 Victor Hugo Pena (Colombia - Coldeportes) s.t.
col COL 98 Jeffry Johan Romero (Colombia - Coldeportes) s.t.
col COL 99 Juan Pablo Suarez (Colombia - Coldeportes) s.t.
col COL 100 Johan Esteban Cháves Rubio (Colombia - Coldeportes) s.t.
fra FRA 101 Armindo Fonseca (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
fra FRA 102 Laurent Pichon (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
fra FRA 103 Sylvain Georges (Ag2R - La Mondiale) s.t.
fra FRA 104 Romain Bardet (Ag2R - La Mondiale) s.t.
fra FRA 105 Tony Hurel (Europcar) s.t.
fra FRA 106 Jérôme Cousin (Europcar) s.t.
ger GER 107 Bjorn Thurau (Europcar) s.t.
bel BEL 108 Olivier Kaisen (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
fra FRA 109 Steve Houanard (Ag2R - La Mondiale) s.t.
fra FRA 110 Geoffroy Lequatre (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
esp ESP 111 Javier Ramirez Abeja (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
ukr UKR 112 Oleksander Sheydyk (Lampre - ISD) s.t.
rus RUS 113 Vladimir Isaychev (Katusha Team) s.t.
ita ITA 114 Andrea Di Corrado (Colnago CSF Bardiani) s.t.
aus AUS 115 Luke Roberts (Team Saxo Bank) s.t.
SRB 116 Gabor Kasa (Salcano Manisaspor Cycling Team) s.t.
kaz KAZ 117 Andrey Zeits (Astana Pro Team) s.t.
ita ITA 118 Gabriele Bosisio (Utensilnord - Named) s.t.
kaz KAZ 119 Alexandre Vinokourov (Astana Pro Team) s.t.
ita ITA 120 Jacopo Guarnieri (Astana Pro Team) s.t.
ukr UKR 121 Oleksandr Kvachuk (Lampre - ISD) s.t.
ger GER 122 Michael Schwarzmann (Team NetApp) s.t.
ukr UKR 123 Dmytro Krivtsov (Lampre - ISD) s.t.
ger GER 124 Timo Seubert (Team NetApp) s.t.
fra FRA 125 Florian Guillou (Bretagne Schuller) s.t.
fra FRA 126 Damien Gaudin (Europcar) s.t.
pol POL 127 Jaroslaw Marycz (Team Saxo Bank) s.t.
ned NED 128 Albert Timmer (Argos-Shimano) s.t.
can CAN 129 Ryan Roth (Spidertech Powered By C10) s.t.
ita ITA 130 Alfredo Balloni (Farnese Vini - Selle Italia) s.t.
ita ITA 131 Thomas Bertolini (Farnese Vini - Selle Italia) s.t.
ned NED 132 Jetse Bol (Rabobank Cycling Team) s.t.
bel BEL 133 Andy Cappelle ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
ita ITA 134 Massimo Graziato (Lampre - ISD) s.t.
kaz KAZ 135 Dmitriy Gruzdev (Astana Pro Team) s.t.
bel BEL 136 Nikolas Maes (Omega Pharma - Quickstep) s.t.
ita ITA 137 Matteo Trentin (Omega Pharma - Quickstep) s.t.
ita ITA 138 Marco Bandiera (Omega Pharma - Quickstep) s.t.
can CAN 139 Hugo Houle (Spidertech Powered By C10) s.t.
ita ITA 140 Cristiano Benenati (Farnese Vini - Selle Italia) s.t.
ita ITA 141 Matteo Fedi (Utensilnord - Named) s.t.
ita ITA 142 Leonardo Giordani (Farnese Vini - Selle Italia) s.t.
ita ITA 143 Gianfranco Visconti (Utensilnord - Named) s.t.
ned NED 144 Stefan Van Dijk ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
tur TUR 145 Bunyamin Ozdemir (Salcano Manisaspor Cycling Team) s.t.
bel BEL 146 Leif Hoste ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
iri IRI 147 Mehdi Sohrabi (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
slo SLO 148 Blaz Jarc (Team NetApp) s.t.
bel BEL 149 Jerome Baugnies (Team NetApp) s.t.
ger GER 150 Andreas Schillinger (Team NetApp) s.t.
esp ESP 151 Benjamin Gonzalez Noval (Team Saxo Bank) s.t.
aus AUS 152 Michael Hepburn (GreenEdge Cycling Team) s.t.
den DEN 153 Christopher Juul-jensen (Team Saxo Bank) s.t.
aus AUS 154 Cameron Meyer (GreenEdge Cycling Team) s.t.
ned NED 155 Tom Leezer (Rabobank Cycling Team) s.t.
ned NED 156 Jens Mouris (GreenEdge Cycling Team) s.t.
can CAN 157 Will Routley (Spidertech Powered By C10) s.t.
aus AUS 158 Karl Menzies (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
can CAN 159 David Veilleux (Europcar) s.t.
fra FRA 160 Romain Lemarchand (Ag2R - La Mondiale) s.t.
ned NED 161 Ramon Sinkeldam (Argos-Shimano) s.t.
ned NED 162 Ronan Van Zandbeek (Argos-Shimano) s.t.
chn CHN 163 Ji Cheng (Argos-Shimano) s.t.
fra FRA 164 Thierry Hupond (Argos-Shimano) s.t.
ger GER 165 Marcel Kittel (Argos-Shimano) s.t.
ita ITA 166 Paolo Locatelli (Colnago CSF Bardiani) s.t.
can CAN 167 Simon Lambert-lemay (Spidertech Powered By C10) s.t.
usa USA 168 Jonathan Patrick Mccarty (Spidertech Powered By C10) s.t.
col COL 169 Wilson Alexander Marentes Torres (Colombia - Coldeportes) s.t.
bel BEL 170 Sander Cordeel (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
aus AUS 171 Adam Hansen (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
bel BEL 172 Frederique Robert (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
esp ESP 173 Jordi Simón (Andalucia - Caja Granada) s.t.
bel BEL 174 Jonas Van Genechten (Lotto - Belisol Team) s.t.
bel BEL 175 Iljo Keisse (Omega Pharma - Quickstep) s.t.
arg ARG 176 Juan Jose Haedo (Team Saxo Bank) s.t.
arg ARG 177 Lucas Sebastian Haedo (Team Saxo Bank) s.t.
ita ITA 178 Andrea Pasqualon (Colnago CSF Bardiani) s.t.
usa USA 179 Kiel Reijnen (Team Type 1 - SANOFI) s.t.
slo SLO 180 Andi Bajc (Salcano Manisaspor Cycling Team) s.t.
tur TUR 181 Mirac Kal (Konya Torku Seker Sport) s.t.
aut AUT 182 Marco Haller (Katusha Team) s.t.
rus RUS 183 Alexander Porsev (Katusha Team) s.t.
rsa RSA 184 Jay Robert Thomson (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
usa USA 185 Jacob Keough (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
usa USA 186 Adrian Hegyvari (UnitedHealthcare Presented By Maxxis) s.t.
SRB 187 Ivan Stevic (Salcano Manisaspor Cycling Team) s.t.
bel BEL 188 Rob Goris ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
fra FRA 189 Jimmy Casper (Ag2R - La Mondiale) s.t.
can CAN 190 Martin Gilbert (Spidertech Powered By C10) s.t.
tur TUR 191 Mustafa Carsi (Salcano Manisaspor Cycling Team) s.t.
lux LUX 192 Jean-pierre Drucker ( – Willems Veranda’s) s.t.
can CAN 193 Guillaume Boivin (Spidertech Powered By C10) 00:06:33
can CAN 194 Keven Lacombe (Spidertech Powered By C10) s.t.

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