Ullrich, Vinokourov and Klöden Olympic medals threatened
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ullrich, Vinokourov and Klöden Olympic medals threatened

by VeloNation Press at 2:53 PM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Doping
The chief of the Schäfer-Commission, Hans-Joachim Schäfer, was appointed to investigate the doping scandal at the Freiburg University Clinic in Germany has communicated to the Berliner Zeitung newspaper that investigation and reports have been completed. No time frame was given on when the information would be released.

A Disciplinary Commission for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to look into the scandal that was the center of a systematic doping program that took place within Team Telekom from 2000-2005.

The atheletes at the center of the IOCs involvement are Germans Jan Ullrich and Andreas Klöden, along with Kazak Alexander Vinokourov which make up the three medalists in the Olympic Road Race.

The President of the IOC, Jacques Rogge, has promised that the investigation would provide clarity on the situation. Whether the investigation could have retroactive consequences with respect to the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney is yet to be seen, but Rogge has made known his intention to "right the wrongs" with respect to this during interviews in the past.

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