Kluge and Schep win Berlin Six with final day showdown
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kluge and Schep win Berlin Six with final day showdown

by Ed Hood at 9:12 AM EST   comments
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Last-gasp effort sees duo come from behind and snatch victory

Berlin SixHome rider and recent recruit to NetApp-Endura, 26 year-old Roger Kluge was crowned 'King of Berlin' late on Tuesday evening on the boards of the city's 250 metre underground 'velodrom.'

It was Kluge's fourth six day win off 19 starts and his second win off seven starts in Berlin, having won with Robert Bartko in 2011.

The man from the hub of German track cycling, Cottbus, was partnered by 2006 World Points Champion, 34 year-old Peter Schep from the Netherlands.

It was Schep's fifth six day win off 54 starts and his first win in Berlin off seven starts.

Going into the final chase, home riders Robert Bengsch and Marcel Kalz lead with 230 points from current World Madison Champion, Belgium's Kenny Deketele, paired with former Olympic team pursuit champion, Luke Roberts of Australia with 198 points.

Kluge and Schep were in third slot on 186 points, with winner of the recent Bremen Six Day - where he was paired with Kalz - Franco Marvulli in fourth spot, riding with in form Austrian Andreas Muller on 171 points.

But with a plethora of sprint points on offer in the closing stages of final 60 minute chase there was to be no fairytale ending to 29 year-old Bengsch's career - Berlin being his final race - as the faster sprinting three teams on their tail Hoovered up the points.

Kluge's metronomic sprint style coupled with the ever-strong and smooth Schep proved too much for the rest, with the German attacking in the last five laps to clinch the win solo in the grand style - hands high in front of an ecstatic crowd.

Deketele and Roberts took second spot on the podium with Muller delighted with a career best third spot.

Muller has spent most of his 68 previous six days 'taxi driving' young or inexperienced riders and was highly motivated by being partnered with strongman Marvulli in the Berliner's 12th appearance in his home six.

Schep had time for a quick word with VeloNation before the UCI chaperones hurried him off to the doping 'controle.'

“We were well down on points going into the last chase, but you always have to believe that you can win. Our tactic was first of all to close the points gap and then go on the attack - and it worked out perfectly!”

All three teams finished on the 'zero' lap with points totals of 261, 258 and 233 respectively.

The six day band wagon rolls on to Copenhagen for the final event of the season, which starts on Thursday.

Berlin Six, final standings:

1, Roger Kluge/Peter Schep (Kia Motors) 261 points
2, Kenny De Ketele/Luke Roberts (Axel Lange) 258
3, Franco Marvulli/Andreas Muller (Techem) 233
4, Robert Bengsch/Marcel Kalz (Meiko) 255, at 1 lap
5, Robert Bartko/Theo Reinhardt (Sika Sport) 174, at 1 lap
6, Christian Grasmann/Timo Thomel (Wolfram) 106, at 4 laps
7, Morgan Kneisky/Vivien Brisse (Preuss) 105, at 5 laps
8, Erik Mohs/Marcel Barth (Oßwald) 138, at 7 laps
9, Leif Lampater/Lucas Liß (LCW) 101, at 8 laps
10, Wim Stroetinga/Nick Stöpler (Pees) 58, at 8 laps

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