RaceClean programme announced by USA Cycling, number of tests to be increased
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

RaceClean programme announced by USA Cycling, number of tests to be increased

by VeloNation Press at 12:23 PM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Doping
Collaboration with USADA will step up battle against doping

USA CyclingSetting out a target of increasing both the frequency and effectiveness of testing, USA Cycling has today announced the introduction of a new anti-doping programme called RaceClean, which will make it more difficult for riders to use banned substances to try to gain an edge.

The new programme is described by USA Cycling as ‘the most extensive anti-doping effort to be introduced by a U.S. National Governing Body within its own events,’ and will be administered by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

That agency will carry out the testing and the assessment/adjudication of the programme and will, according to USA Cycling, be full independent in doing so.

USA Cycling President & CEO Steve Johnson said that the initiative “is intended to send a strong statement about anti-doping, further establish the trust in our sport, and ensure a level playing field at all levels of racing.

“This important program represents a considerable financial contribution by USA Cycling, and it is gratifying to see that race directors, teams, riders and our Local Associations fully support this initiative.”

He said that both members and non-members can show their commitment to clean cycling by making a donation to the RaceClean fund.

Under the programme, increased testing will be carried out at National Calendar Events for road, mountain bike cross-country and cyclo-cross racing. There is a goal of also including track and BMX national calendars in the near future.

This aspect of the programme will be funded by USA Cycling, national calendar race directors, team owners/managers and riders.

A second, equally important element is an increase in the number of out of competition tests to be carried out. USA Cycling will add more riders to the registered testing pool, with these riders then providing their whereabouts information to USADA, which will carry out surprise testing.

In addition to that, the local associations of USA Cycling and the federation itself will combine to provide funds for grassroots testing in the sport.

Alongside these testing elements, USA Cycling is planning to ramp up education about avoiding doping and racing clean, thus communicating the anti-doping education programmes of USADA, WADA and the UCI to its members.

Jonas Carney, performance director for Optum Pro Cycling Team p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies, is part of one of the pro teams which will be affected by the new programme. He gave its introduction a thumbs up, saying that it is important for the future of the sport.

“Our team sees this effort by USA Cycling as a big step forward in the fight against doping here in the U.S.,” he stated. “It is everyone's responsibility to fight for a clean sport and it is great to see our governing body, race organizers, teams, Local Associations, and riders come together on this important issue.

“Our team welcomes the increased testing and we hope that this will help to ensure a fair and level playing field for competitive cyclists in America."

USA Cycling states that recent meetings with team managers, local association representatives and race directors showed a strong support for the initiative.

More details can be found here, as can the mechanism to donate to the new programme.


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