Cycling Ireland board agrees to back McQuaid’s request for nomination for third term as UCI president
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Cycling Ireland board agrees to back McQuaid’s request for nomination for third term as UCI president

by Shane Stokes at 6:55 PM EST   comments
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Long deliberations eventually lead to agreement within Irish federation

Pat McQuaidAfter several hours of deliberations, the board of Cycling Ireland has agreed to Pat McQuaid’s request for nomination to what would be a third term as UCI President.

He was given the required backing, but on the condition that he accepted certain requests.

However, the language of the CI statement announcing his nomination appears to be non-binding, particularly the use of the word ‘consider.’ That statement is as follows:

At its Board meeting on the 12th of April, the Board of Cycling Ireland agreed to the nomination request from Pat McQuaid for the President of the UCI. The Board requested that Pat McQuaid would raise with the UCI Management Committee certain concerns on governance issues which they would consider for tabling at the 2013 UCI Congress. The specific issues are:

1) An independent review of the system of internal controls and processes at the UCI, with the findings to be published and the recommendations implemented.

2) Engagement with Stakeholders to re-write the existing Governance Code and the Code of Ethics, as set out in the Constitution of the UCI.

3) The following proposals are to be put forward to UCI Management Committee for tabling at the 2013 Congress at:

a - A limitation on the period for which a president or vice president can serve in the UCI as follows effective after the 2013 Congress: Firstly, the maximum number of two four year terms, and secondly, that no president, vice president or management committee member can serve the UCI for more than 16 years in total over their life time, in any capacity (paid, voluntary or other).

b - That co-opted management committee members are permitted to vote on all matters which management committee members are entitled to vote.

Cycling Ireland’s board had previously backed McQuaid in 2005 and 2009, but this time the board was divided in the aftermath of the Lance Armstrong/US Postal Service affair.

Those with reservations were thought to be concerned at the scandals which occurred, but also by the UCI’s handling of the matter.

The disbandment of the Independent Commission in January was believed to be one area of concern, with that decision meaning that the questions raised about the UCI by the Armstrong case are still unanswered.

Seven of the eight board members had voting rights with the eighth, Cycling Ireland president Rory Wyley, only set to cast a vote if there was a tie.

That board met at approximately 5pm today at the Clarion Hotel near Dublin airport. After a period of time dealing with other matters, it heard a submission from McQuaid and put questions to him before moving on to deliberations.

It had three options; backing him for a third term, declining to nominate him, or putting the matter to an EGM, thus handing the decision over to CI’s members.

The board took several hours to reach a decision, reflecting the complexity of the situation.

Had CI not backed him, McQuaid would have had to apply to the Swiss cycling federation instead to seek its support.

The UCI elections will take place in Italy in September, being held during the week of the world road race championships. McQuaid will now go forward for that third term.

No other candidates have yet stepped forward, but VeloNation understands that several are considering running for the president’s role. They will be in direct competition with McQuaid, who has been working for several months to try to secure the support of the continental federations.


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