French Châtenay-Malabry lab insists that official procedures were followed in Sayar doping case
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

French Châtenay-Malabry lab insists that official procedures were followed in Sayar doping case

by Shane Stokes at 8:32 AM EST   comments
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Laboratory confirms that B sample was used to detect EPO positive from Tour of Algeria

Mustafa SayarFollowing claims made by Tour of Turkey winner Mustafa Sayar calling conspiracy after his positive test result for the earlier Tour of Algeria, plus alleging the laboratory in question broke the allowed procedure, the Châtenay-Malabry has insisted it behaved within the rules on the matter.

Sayar told the Turkish website that he believed the laboratory acted to try to ensure that his Tour of Turkey title went to a French rider, and that the declared EPO positive didn’t come from the A sample.

“CML [the Châtenay Malabry lab – ed.] has opened my B sample, informing me and claiming the urine given by me was insufficient and they’d need more for additional tests and analysis. They said “even if you don’t agree, we have to open it”. The lab has taken urine from the B sample and declared it as A sample,” he said.

He said that a representative of his spoke with the laboratory and was told that his testosterone levels were high and that the A sample was used to determine if these levels were natural or artificial. Sayar claimed that the laboratory afterwards ruled that his testosterone levels were normal and natural.

Speaking to, the laboratory acknowledged the use of the B sample, but said that everything was done in accordance with the regulations.

“All the analyses have been performed according to the official procedures,” the head of the laboratory Dr. Francois Lasne said. “The B sample has been partly used as a “A” sample and there is still urine in the B bottle (that has been opened and re-sealed in the presence of a witness) that can be used as a “B” sample.”

MTBTR quotes unnamed anti-doping experts as confirming that it is conceivable that the A-sample may have been used up for testosterone testing, and that the laboratory is entitled to open the B sample in the presence of the athlete’s representative.

VeloNation is seeking confirmation on the allowable procedures from WADA.

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