Meier signs up for two more years in important role with Orica GreenEdge team
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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Meier signs up for two more years in important role with Orica GreenEdge team

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Canadian wants to keep on doing what he’s been doing: “I don’t want to be anywhere else”

Christian MeierThe Orica GreenEdge team has extended the contract of a rider it refers to as Mr Dependability, with Christian Meier securing a new two year deal with the squad.

“For me the question isn’t ‘why stay?’, it’s ‘why leave?” Meier stated, reacting to the announcement. “We have a great group of people to work with – riders, staff and sponsors. All our equipment is top-notch. That’s a pretty big deal for performance. The team has invested in sport science, too. We’re always right on the leading edge of training, recovery methods and nutrition. The team gives us all the tools we need to grow and get the best out of ourselves. I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

Meier has had a solid first two years with the team, taking second in the national time trial championships in both 2012 and 2012 and last year also netting third overall in the Tour de Beauce plus fifth in the season-ending Japan Cup.

This season he won the sprints and special sprints classifications in the Volta a Catalunya and was again third in the Tour de Beauce.

However his main value to the team isn’t as a results-getter, but rather as someone who aids bigger riders as they seek to clock up major victories.

“Every team needs someone like Christian,” explains directeur sportif Matt White. “In the make-up of the team you have your winners, your developing riders and then guys like Christian who can support either group. We can put Christian in any race on the calendar between January and October, and we know exactly what we'll get from him.

“He's one of the first guys we slot into any roster because he's very stable and very consistent. His work is hugely appreciated from the start of the race until its end.”

Meier competed at the Garmin team between 2008 and 2010 and worked alongside White there. The rider clearly made an impression on the Australian, who said that he ensured that he was signed to Orica GreenEdge. “He’s one of the first guys I brought across,” he said, speaking of his own move to the-then new squad.

Meier is frank about what some may see as a lack of ambition from him; he’s happy doing what he does now, and doesn’t want to put major pressure on himself.

“When I was younger, I never really aspired to be a huge champion myself,” he explained. “Sure, I wanted to win some races but I never thought I’d win the biggest races in the world. Working with guys like Gerro or Gossy [Matt Goss], who can achieve those big victories with my help, makes me feel like I have achieved something myself.”

Looking back at the highlights of his two years with the Tour, he said that that there are too many to name, but one thing stands out.

“The first Giro, when we won a stage with Gossy, was a huge victory for the team,” said Meier. “It was a really cool to contribute to that moment.. Last year, to be part of Luke’s [Durbridge] win at Poitou Charentes, sticks out in my mind. It may not be the biggest race, but it was nice to be a part of a win for a guy with a huge future.”

“There are so many moments with this team, it’s hard to name them all,” Meier continued. “Last year we had such a successful year, and this year has been hugely successful as well. We’re not usually the strongest team on paper, but we accomplished some really big goals with the way we ride.”

Looking ahead, he said that he wants to continue to grow as a competitor. Again, he underlines that he is satisfied with the domestique slot that he has.

“On a personal level, the longer I am with the team and doing my job well, the more the team leaders will learn to trust that when I do my job, they can do their job better.”

However he does have two performance-related goals. “I would love to win another national title. I’m also hoping to make the Tour de France team sometime in the next two years.”


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