Pate prolongs with Sky, Brown extends with Belkin
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Monday, August 19, 2013

Pate prolongs with Sky, Brown extends with Belkin

by Shane Stokes at 3:29 PM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling
Contract extensions for team helpers, both credited with contributing to strong team performances

Team SkyCurrently into his second season with the squad, Danny Pate has been handed an extension to his contract and will remain part of Team Sky in 2014.

The British outfit has announced the new deal without making clear the length of the agreement. Pate is pleased with the deal, and believes he is in the best place for his career.

“I enjoy riding for Team Sky and I feel like I have a place that I’m really comfortable in, yet at the same time there is still a challenging platform to ride well,” the 34 year old American said.

“We’re the number one team in the world right now. The guys don’t just rest on that. The team is always moving forward and trying to find the next improvement.

“I like my position on the team. It’s not the team leader spot - that’s just not what I am. I enjoy what I do and I’m happy that the team values the work I do for them.”

In announcing the agreement, Team Sky described Pate as “a model of consistency,” and both selfless and powerful. It said that he was an important factor behind numerous race wins.

It also gave a nod to his experience, his laid back demeanour and what has been a mentorship role for younger riders in the setup.

These include the Americans Joe Dombrowski and Ian Boswell, who both joined last winter. Pate has helped both of them to settle in and has given them guidance.

Team Principal Sir Dave Brailsford welcomed his contract extension. “We’re delighted to have got a new deal in place for Danny. Everyone in the team knows just how hard he works and it’s no coincidence that he’s been part of some our best stage race performances,” he said.

“He is a great personality to have in the squad and as we continue to target success he is undoubtedly going to be a key asset.”

Brown continues to back Bos for Belkin:

Graeme BrownMeanwhile the Belkin Pro Cycling team has confirmed that Australian sprinter Graeme Brown will remain part of Theo Bos’ leadout train in 2014 with the news that he has been given a one year extension to his current contract with the squad.

Brown has become a valued part of the setup due to his work with Bos and fellow sprinter Mark Renshaw. While Renshaw will be leaving the team next season, Bos will be staying on board and Belkin Pro Cycling envisages Brown as continuing to play an important role there.

The 34 year old has been part of the Rabobank/Team Blanco/Belkin setup since 2006 and is happy to remain there. “I’ve been in this team for quite a while now, and I feel at home here,” he said, explaining his relucatance to move.

“The relationship with Theo has evolved in a good way in these last years. I see that my experience is important to him. He trusts me, and that’s our key to success. We hope to do some nice sprints in the Vuelta again.”

Directeur sportif Nico Verhoeven elaborates on this synergy. “In the last couple of years Graeme has been a crucial element for Theo Bos. They’ve done almost every race together and Graeme was key in Theo’s wins,” he said. “He knows what’s expected in the final of a race and you really need someone like that in your team. Graeme is a pillar for Theo, so it’s only logical we wanted to extend his contract.”


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