Astana team says Iglinskiy had not visited Vinokourov prior to speeding incident
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Astana team says Iglinskiy had not visited Vinokourov prior to speeding incident

by Shane Stokes at 5:11 AM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling
Team contradicts some aspects of RTL report

Valentin IglinskiyAcknowledging that its rider Valentin Iglinskiy had been stopped for speeding and found to be over the legal alcohol limit, the Astana team has today categorically rejected suggestions that he had spent time with Alexandre Vinokourov beforehand, and said that initial tests for cocaine were negative.

“Alexandre Vinokourov rejects the information stated in French Radio RTL that Valentin was just leaving his house,” it said. “This is totally wrong, they didn't spend the evening together.”

The team has criticised the leaking of information on the matter, saying that it is “really shocked to learn that the case was released to the press and that incorrect statements were published while no official result has yet been provided.” It has reserved the right to take legal action on the matter.

Astana accepts that Iglinskiy was driving at 203 km/h on a highway and had an alcohol level corresponding to 0.64mg per litre of exhaled air. As regards suggestions that he could have taken cocaine, it said that the initial saliva test taken was negative. More accurate blood and urine samples have been taken by police, with the results not yet known for those.

The UCI also carried out a blood test yesterday morning at his home; these results are also pending. The team has pledged to release the details once they are available.

The incident occurred at 9pm on Tuesday evening. The team has expressed its concern that he has signed legal statement without an interpreter.

“Regarding his discussion with the police, there might be some misunderstanding because Valentin can't understand and speak French, English or Italian correctly,” it stated. “The team was astonished to learn that he signed a legal paper with statements in French, while he can't understand, speak and read this language.”

It added that pending the outcome of the results of the cocaine analysis, that the rider had rejected the use of any drugs. It said that he would like to apologize for speeding and being over the legal limit for alcohol.


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