Brailsford destroys evidence MI6 style
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brailsford destroys evidence MI6 style

by Steve Jones at 2:19 PM EST   comments
Categories: Pro Cycling, Track
Well, not exactly. But the worlds most successful track coach is determined to keep any advantage he can when the Olympic games come to home turf in 2012.

He told that all of the skinsuits worn by the team are under lock and key at British Cycling headquarters in Manchester, and what is not used for testing will be destroyed to ensure the technology used stays under wraps for the London games.

To some this may seem a bit ridiculous, but when results are taken at a fraction of a second a small advantage can produce big results. Brailsford believes the technology used to make the suits will hold until 2012. He's so adamant about the secrecy that not even his own team will be competing with them leading up to the Olympics.

Cycling great Chris Boardman is the director of research and development for British Cycling. His experience and attention to detail have helped bring the team to the top of the track cycling world. His vision has brought Formula One technology to British Cycling, and he remains upbeat about future developments with his team of experts dubbed "The Secret Squirrel Club."

He understands the need for secrecy, as well as the frustration with taking such an advantage away from the riders. "It will be hard for the athletes because they want every advantage they can have, but they will just use stock equipment," Boardman told about non-Olympic competitions.

"Officially, we don't care about World Championships," Boardman said. "Our remit is to win Olympic medals. If we win every Olympic gold and lose every World Championship medal, we're successful. That said, because we are competitive people, we all strive to win the World Championships, too."

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