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I thought for sure it was April 1st again
Last Post 04/09/2014 11:20 PM by Andy Eunson. 4 Replies.
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04/09/2014 06:26 AM


04/09/2014 12:26 PM
In my bike shop days, we would sometimes tell male customers that the then common stem shifters on starter level 10 speeds were what their genitals would impale upon in a crash with a car; that they would be wise to move up a level of bike or have us swap out the shifter for a DT.

At my last race ever, I was staying at the old, once grand hotel in Nashua, NH the night before. As I came in with my bike and gear, an old man approached me and told me it happened to him. Since then, I've talked a few into changing their set-ups.



04/09/2014 09:21 PM
i did that once. the pee-blood was very alarming.


04/09/2014 09:27 PM
Note to self: get a stem pad for the mtb.
Just in case.


04/09/2014 11:20 PM
A friend of mine rammed into his stem off roading. He said it was a huge relief when at the hospital, they stuck a tube through his abdomen into his bladder. He had crushed his urethra. I used to play mind games with him sometimes. Ralph would be on top of some drop and be saying out loud I can do this. I'd say hey Ralph, remember that time you crushed your urethra? He curse me and walk. Then we'd laugh.
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