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Vittoria G 2.0
Last Post 10/08/2019 02:41 PM by ed custer. 6 Replies.
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02/26/2019 02:23 PM
The next generation graphene.  VN https://www.velonews.com/2019/02/bikes-and-tech/graphene-2-0-vittoria-updates-compound-reinforcer_483748

Nice!  (And maybe there will be  a lot of marked down obsolete G+s out there!)

Funny, I went on Vittoria's website yesterday to check on tubulars after Psimet on BF spoke highly of them.  Saw that the tires were now 2.0 but did't really pay attention.  I was looking more at tire weights, looking at Criterium Seta and Paris-Roubaix equivalents.  Yup, they're there.  It was all I could do to not drool.

(Promise to myself - when I get this roof paid off, I'm going tubular.  I want to know i can ride out a flat at any speed.  And the new Vittoria tires in a sewup?  I can have that while I am still alive while the Muslims have to martyr themselves to get their supply of virgins.  Incentive to live a long life!)

So Vittoria buys 2 tons of graphene/year!  OMG!  And one gram will cover roughly 1/3 of a football field.  

I've been a quiet fan of Vittoria building slowly over the years.  Used to train on ribbed tread cotton Vittoria.  Wansn't in love with them.  They were just good, decently durable, well made, decent riding tires with tread that kept us out of trouble, ribbed.  I took it for granted I could always climb the front wheel out of ruts.  That cornering was, while lesser compared to Criterium Setas, very, very good.  A decade or more later I started riding the twin tread Vittorias for my winter/rain/city fix gear.  Excellent for that purpose.  Then they had a patch of Q/C issues and I had more than a few blowouts.  I switched to Paselas for the cheap tires but discovered the Open Paves.  Grippy (better than G+) but poor on cuts and wear.  Corsas - fast, decent wearing but slippery when wet.  Now I get to have it all!  (Yes the tires aren't cheap but I haven't thrown out G+ yet.)  With these new tires (well almost new G+) I've stopped being quiet.  The tires are a game changer.  Other companies will jump in; they have little choice, competition will drive prices down, etc., etc. but the playing field will never be the same.  Thank you!



10/03/2019 05:48 PM
After many many seasons of the GP 4k Conti's I switched this midsummer to Rubino Pro 2.0 and could not be happier. All the boxes are being checked.
Lower price, ease of install (On HED Belgium+ rims which are tough to mount anything), rolling resistance, sidewall durability etc.

I had a piece of wire sticking out of one on a ride, I stopped with the dread of pulling it and hearing the hiss and the tread was thick enough to protect the tube, a GP4k wouldn't have done that.

Now I used to be a Vittoria guy in the past but they were too fragile and fast wearing. Love the new formula.


10/03/2019 07:32 PM
And those slick, great rolling, light, damned vittorias could roll off some clincher rims. Not pretty. Now I'm mostly riding HED Belgiums and FWIW, I have found them easier than some to mount tires, although for sure harder than most as already posted. IMHO, that's a good thing for a ride preferring bigger tires and lower pressures.
We early beyond mtb tubeless adopters remember the 34mm Hutchinson cross tires that became outlawed because they were deemed to be too wide to allow for sufficient cross suffering. Too bad, as those were fantastic tires: rolled well, handled great, very light for their level of toughness, decent wear for that class of tire. OTOH, a bear and a half to install. This was a tire that simply could not "burb" at any pressure. As for the cross bosses who outlawed tires like this, I hope that when they visit their doctors, leaches are prescribed rather than modern medicine. That would be appropriate.


10/03/2019 07:35 PM
Are your HED's regular or Plus models? Mine are Plus and tough as hell to mount tires upon. Conti's were the worst. No danger of rolling here.


10/03/2019 07:51 PM
Dunno. How do I distinguish Plus from merely regular?
FWIW, these are not full HED wheels, just their Belgium rims. 6 or 7 years old. Good spokes, DT hubs.These wheels have served me very well. Wheels were built by a very, very experienced wheel builder. I'm a porker for a road rider, and often ride on some crap gravel roads and crappier pavement. Never needed a truing. I don't even think about them. Helps that I'm riding 34 - 40+ ish tires for sure.
Regardless, Chapeau to all those true artists who build good wheels. The world is a better place thanks to you.


10/03/2019 08:03 PM
Those are regular width, the HED plus rims (not marked as such on HED full wheelsets (which are Ardennes I believe) but on the rims sold alone are much wider and thus tighter. Mine have DT's as well, great wheels.


10/08/2019 02:41 PM
I have Hed Belgium C2 (23mm). I had no problem mounting the Vittoria G 2.0 that I can recall. Problem I had was with flats. Goat heads thorns and shards of glass went through them like butter. C2 plus have a 25mm rim width and cost about $30 more....
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