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If nothing else Froome is an A hole
Last Post 07/15/2013 11:34 AM by ChinookPass .. 7 Replies.
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07/15/2013 06:22 AM
Come on dude He told me to work with him because Contador was losing time. He said that if we were still together when we got to the finish then he would let me win, but I couldn't follow in the last two kilometres," Quintana said. Ask me to work and then attack me? A hole “When I did catch up to him (quintana), I thought: ‘This guys is going to win the stage today and I'm going to have to settle for second'. But then, in the last two kilometres, he was fading a little and I still had a little bit left. We talked a little bit and I was just trying to say, ‘Man, come on just a little bit more... we're almost there...' but he was slipping behind. “Near the end, I don't think that I attacked…it was just that he couldn't ride on my wheel anymore and a gap opened up.” You attacked him, you and your stupid 120 rpm legs.


07/15/2013 06:51 AM
If he continues to ride as he has, he will win The Tour by span of eight to nine minutes. Everyone suffered on the climb yesterday except Froome and Sagan who was being a clown and having fun. I like to believe he is clean but as the article mentions we all have been burned once too many, I cannot even entertain the idea that “What if he’s clean”, his dominance remind me of LA so much that I find it hard to cheer for him.



07/15/2013 07:59 AM
Thread title needs a "rant warning" notice.


07/15/2013 08:13 AM
I would not of helped Froome, he made a mistake, he is young and I bet he doesn't make it again.


07/15/2013 08:16 AM
like in figure skating, i think the UCI should introduce style points as well as difficulty. if that were the case then froome would be the lantern rouge... the guy looks like a worm wriggling on the hook of his bike.


07/15/2013 08:21 AM
naaah. He was racing. all's fair, and if Quintana couldn't go with him, then that's the game. That said, yesterday's stage pretty much blew chunks all over what had been a pretty interesting narrative so far.
Cosmic Kid


07/15/2013 09:54 AM
IMO< yesterday simply confimred the narrative that has been in play since the first stage in the Pyerrenes. Froome has always been the strongest guy in this race. People were grasping at the straws of a "weak" SKY team based on the second mountain stage and the day in the crosswinds.

When Froome awas isolated in the mountains, no one took time from him. And, despite the time loss on Friday, everyone was still going to have to go toe-to-toe with him to get in front of him.

But the reality was always that Froome was gonna lay down the hammer when it really mattered.
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


07/15/2013 11:34 AM
So... that's bike racing, man. If your competitor can make you dance like a puppet, good on him.
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