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Trail Hogs
Last Post 05/28/2013 02:09 PM by Jack Pouchet. 7 Replies.
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05/22/2013 10:41 PM
There are a lot of new faces on the trails this spring which is a good thing in many ways. It seems that they are lacking in trail etiquette though. They don't yield when they should (this is going to cause issues with other user groups) and the most annoying to me is they just stop in the trail, sometimes in groups. At least once a week I have to come to a complete stop before I can thread my way through a group of trail hogs blocking the entire trail. I decided that it was my responsibility to educate them. Twice I have politely encouraged them not to block the trail when they stop and gotten positive responses. Today a lady responded with "its a public trail, I can stop and talk if I want to". I replied by asking her if she would stop her car in the middle of the road to talk with another motorist and block a public road. She moved off of the trail and her friend sheepishly apologized. I won't get started on joggers with ipods!


05/23/2013 08:38 AM
we have problems with the running with ipod crowd. i'll yell a couple of times and then just pass when the trail widens a bit. to add to your post, i've run across wild hogs on the trail. they do a lot of damage and carry ticks but they get out of the way.
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05/23/2013 08:41 AM
sounds like snowboarders on our local hill

I really like people who let their dogs take a dump on the trails near town and then don't clean it up. ditto on the ipod runners on said trails


05/23/2013 09:22 AM
Good analogy.


05/23/2013 12:00 PM
Many people these days prefer to grab total convenience for themselves even if they inconvenience everyone else. Generally the result of the poor parenting these days and their indoctrination of their kids that they are so special that no one else in the world counts.


05/23/2013 12:12 PM
Ah, the old "uphill skier" conundrum. 

The problem is WAY bigger than MTB trails.  I discovered it way back when I first took-up downhill skiiing.  I learned right away that nobody pays attention to uphill skiers.  Everybody just shushes from side-to-side completely oblivious to anybody not in their frontal vision.  The only other skiers on the hill are those downhill from you.

It's the same with road cycling.  You know the drill.  You get passed by a car in the right hand lane who immediately cuts in front of you to make a right turn, leaving you to grab the brakes and (if you are lucky) avoid a collision.  Once you are behind them, you no longer exist.

You can apply this rule to any number of situations and it's always the same.  Let's face it, humans are just a low form of life.

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05/26/2013 11:24 AM
same thing here jm, not many people on the trails here, but they think the world evolves around them, a major problem everywhere here in Santa Fe though.
jrt, here, some folks have been bagging their dog poop, but them they leave it on the side of trail, WTF? like someone will coming by to pick it for them? The joggers here are hilarious, they go into freak out mode when I come up on them, then they almost tumble down the trail, these fools have no business running on Mtn trails!! Don't get me started on the damn equestrians!!


05/28/2013 02:09 PM
I've almost given up on shouting "On your right" or Left, as it seems more and more ether they just don't hear you, don't want to acknowledge you, are never learned right from left and move straight into your path. Yet i still do out of courtesy. On a very narrow, technical single-track this weekend our foursome was getting split up when the lead rider saw a couple hiking downhill in front of us but with little room to try a pass. So he slowed way down, forcing me to almost stop, then he and I shouted up the trail to our buddies. The couple of course heard this and were very polite in finding a suitable place to step aside while the four of us rode by, thanked them, and briefly chatted about trail conditions as they had just come up and were on their way back down. Nice people! Still find most people behave that way when you give them a chance.
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