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Tomorrow, 8/1, I get to see my lifetime miles
Last Post 08/02/2023 09:15 PM by Frederick Jones. 4 Replies.
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07/31/2023 06:42 PM
Tomorrow's full moon will be a few hundred miles closer than my total miles.  The moon will be 222,159 miles away.  My Excel sheet isn't fully up to date but I am about 700 miles past that.
Orange Crush


07/31/2023 11:01 PM
Nice Ben! What’s the first year that you tracked miles?

I used to keep a handwritten book of notes in younger days but it didn’t make the transfer over to this side of the pond. My Excel sheet only starts in 2011.


07/31/2023 11:21 PM
I put 1700 miles on a Cyclometer on my three speed. Starting 1965? Used another one on my Peugeot (purchased 1967) for a while, forget how I tracked the Lambert and started a notebook 1976 when I started racing. Notebooks until I married, then very rough but very conservative estimates over those 6 years then started Excel. I've always kept rough track of each bike's mileage also. And - my body will vouch for those miles.


08/01/2023 08:13 AM
What miles I track are on Strava but I'm not religious about having my Garmin with me when I ride... does the make me milage agnostic?

Dropped off my truck to get brakes then rode back to pay for the repairs and drive home. Maybe 10 miles unaccounted for. I looked at a couple years of Strava and know I didn't record half of my miles.

Kudos to those are that detail oriented.


08/02/2023 09:15 PM
Cool and Congratulations!

Geezer reminiscence: A few generations back, the state of the art (Fausto) guide was "ride a bike, ride a bike, ride a bike", i.e. LSD miles and some hard miles. Younger me hit a similar target earlier. Compared to now I wasn't faster. Science marches on, and good on you.
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