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Why so few postings here?
Last Post 09/12/2013 12:21 AM by pa biker. 33 Replies.
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09/06/2013 12:20 PM
I was a VN refugee, but there doesn't seem to be much action here really. Where do all the hardcore roadies hang out these days?
Orange Crush


09/06/2013 12:47 PM
the old site had a feature where you could see whose online, this one does not, maybe it makes a difference. or maybe folks used the opportunity to kick the habit


09/06/2013 01:03 PM
I was thinking the same thing recently. Kinda dead in here. I miss the OT discussions because it was always refreshing to read other's viewpoints on hot topics. Most of the time things remained civil.



09/06/2013 01:12 PM
ok i'll start
syria. should we launch some missles or not?
How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.


09/06/2013 01:23 PM
Forums need new blood now and then and I was a little surprised when this one didn't see any even during the Tour.

Hey Skinny, who said anything about invading? Bummer though that Americans don't like to do "nothing" but can't think of anything better to do than drop a few bombs.

Orange Crush


09/06/2013 02:26 PM
its pretty much an open secret that the only reason to throw some missiles at Syria would be to make Obama (and the US at large) not to be seen as indecisive/weak on topic of chemical weapons. There's nothing else that could possibly be achieved if you're going into this with the notion that the object is no boots on ground and not an attempt to dethrone Assad. So why do anything then, clearly Obama has no end game or real plan? The whole situation is lose-lose, you either have a dictator clampling to power with backing from Hezbollah, or you get the rebels with a strong injection of Al Qaeda elements.

Syria conflict like many others in the region is a proxy for the Iran/Saudi Arabia "cold war" (Sunni/Shiite conflict). Best to stay out of it.


09/06/2013 04:37 PM
I think it's more about sending a message to Iran, who has been encouraging and supplying the Assad govt. We have interests in the region -- mostly oil -- but getting involved in Syria is a really slippery slope.


09/06/2013 04:38 PM
Two things: 1. I like the irony of the original poster saying he is a VN "refugee" given the turn of topic. 2. I keep hearing Kerry, McCain etc. saying we need to intervene to stop the use of chemical weapons which are outlawed by a treat signed by 98% of the world's countries. Well, did Syria sign it? If not, it's not applicable to them and their use is not a violation. Not syaing it ain't a bad thing, just saying the rationale is thin. And yes, apparently it's a base 100,000 system so we're really only up to a handful of dead and we are responding immediately.


09/06/2013 04:45 PM
For two years we sat on our fat a$$es and drank while thousands died summing up to over 100k, now because the lunatic used chemical weapon and killed a few more you are asking if we should strike??? Dead is dead, it only appear terrifying to you and I because we have to look at it. Don’t get caught in the politics. If we really cared we would have done something two years ago.


09/06/2013 06:06 PM
1. Back to the original post: seems like many did not make the migration to this forum, and some who did, eg KR, are quieter. I prefer quiet to the trolls.
2. Proxy war with Iran in Syria. Good idea or bad idea? I vote bad.
Obama can save face by getting Assad indicted for war crimes.


09/06/2013 10:58 PM
Well I meant few postings on this website at all...I just put the topic in the most general section. I also joined roadbikereview, though I have been surprised how many cycling newbs post questions on there. When I post questions about higher end gear, it gets few responses.

Anyway, I get a very bad, bad feeling that it is already decided (Obama and company has) to launch both airstrikes and guided missiles. I was always an Obama supporter, but this latest really surprises me. Surely he knows better, so why is he being so hard-headed? You cannot start a war with these Muslim fanatics and expect it to ever end...it just propagates and spreads the American hatred over there. Focus our dollars & energy on fixing this country instead.


09/07/2013 02:10 AM
vtguy, I find this "sending a message to Iran" confusing. They know well that we aided Iraq with intelligence on where to place their chemical weapons to kill the most Iranians as possible (delivered with US made warheads), then stayed quiet as Irag killed thousands of Kurd using those same weapons. For us, that was a long time ago. For a part of the world where time is measured in centuries and millennia, that was yesterday.




09/07/2013 08:50 PM
To point #1: I too was a long-time lurker at VN. I had multiple issues trying to post here (login problems and so on and so forth) and the original formatting of the forum itself (gray text on white background) made it tough for me to read (and I wasn't very inclined to greasemonkey a css modification). In fact, if this post makes it through, it would be the first time I was successful in even posting at all...

I read CN forums occasionally, but the S:N is a little too low (or the volume is so high, you would need to spend all your time trying to read even one thread). I like the lower volume here, but it is pretty quiet.

Also with You-Know-Who admitting to You-Know-What, that might have taken a little bit of vitriol/steam/whatever out of things that created some epic VN threads. Of course there is He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named with 'the gap is obvious' as the French may say...

To point #2: If we really want to make a difference in a war zone, maybe we should take a look at Chicago or Baltimore before Damascus...

- Chooks.



09/08/2013 12:42 PM
It's been a busy summer for me. While I have monitored the forum, I have not posted much.

Killing a few people to make a point, is pointless. I voted for O, but think bombing Syria is a really stupid idea.


09/08/2013 08:16 PM
we used up all the words?
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