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Lemond on missing watts and marginal gains
Last Post 07/26/2016 03:21 PM by Frederick Jones. 4 Replies.
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Orange Crush


07/20/2016 12:38 PM
Some interesting observations. Suggesting Armstrong was doped up on more than just the EPO and raising some Qs on Froome/Sky. He could finally be off his rocker but then again he's been right all this time


In addition to heart rate and cadence observations on Froome, I would add that there seem to be some other things going on that don't make sense. Today on final climb he seemed to have trouble following wheel of his domestiques; then next thing he bridges to Porte no problem, then next thing he looks to be battling again. Not the first time this happens, noticed it on Ventoux and a few other times. Odd transitions. Would be interesting to point one of those heat cameras at his bike on those brief moments of acceleration. Not saying this is what's going on but it is one of possible explanations for questions Lemond raises.
Nick A


07/23/2016 02:34 PM
I'm not typically a conspiracy theorist, but these days, in this sport, I wouldn't be shocked by much.



07/25/2016 05:55 AM
Obviously, doping in cycling (or sport for that matter) is all too prevalent. I think in "our" sport, we almost have become numb to it all. My non-cycling friends for years called it a dirty sport. Like these giants in football are not juiced? Scandals in baseball, football, and other "clean" sports have showed that this is the norm, not the exception.
I'd like to think that Froome is clean. Perhaps he just "looks" bad sometimes. His style is well, not pretty like Contador (convicted doper). He did crash and that takes something out of you for a bit. For any that have raced a bike, your body reacts differently at different times in the race. I have been on the edge about to crack and go crying home to mommy in races only later to have recovered and feel much better. Perhaps hadn't hydrated or ate properly and did so and was able to recover.
I don't think looking like crap early in a race, then getting better is a sign of doping (my opinion). If it were doping, one would think that he would never look bad.

That said, I'd like to think this was a clean Tour. No one looked like superman. Froome was better, but had his moments and was able to limit his losses. Barnet rode well and took advantage at the right moment. Yates and Mollema rode a great 2.5 weeks and cracked at the end. Quintana never seemed to have it. I wish Porte had a little better luck and a better TT.

They all showed weakness at one point in time or another. I just wish the time gap were a little closer.


07/25/2016 10:30 AM
I've heard talk that Tony Martin's ride had to have been juiced. It was an incredible ride. It was also what Tony Martin can do. Use his big engine on the flat to go very fast for a long time. In my day, we had John Howard doing rides like that here in the US.


07/26/2016 03:21 PM
Howard was strong, but no comparison to current riders.
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