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Going... going... and the Hog is gone!
Last Post 11/05/2018 06:41 PM by Frederick Jones. 5 Replies.
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10/24/2018 06:57 PM



10/25/2018 01:33 AM
I thought you just sold your Harley. That would be sad. But Bruyneel being banned? No issues here.

Sadly, CyclingNews doesn't like my adblock so I don't get to read the article.

Dale, I still get a (rather sick) kick out of your post years ago re: trade shows for 20 lb bikes and 800 lb bikes. The vets of one with their twisted and narrowed shoulders and vets of the other in chairs. I haven't done many shows but I am a member of the former in good standing (still standing though that wasn't a given).



10/25/2018 09:20 AM
Of all the bikes... moto, that is, that I've lusted for H-D was never one of them. Last moto I owned was 30 years ago when I owned a boat dealership and occasionally took in motos on trade and would play with them for a few months before letting loose of them. 440 Kawasaki, 500 Honda... can't remember what else I rode.


10/25/2018 07:46 PM
I bit the "HOG" bait too. Gotta admire Harley for all the fantasy they sell affluent dentists, well heeled semi rednecks, and other wannabees who drop 20++k for a heavy, poorly handling moto plus 2-4k more for poorly protective but golly geez you look like a badass pirate clothing. That model has served Harley well, but is failing as pirate wannabes age out of motos, and younger riders have no interest. Like Sears, 15 years ago. Writing is on the wall. As a moto rider, I am bored of getting stuck on country roads behind these bozos. They may look like their pirate badass fantasy, but they can't ride to save their lives. And as a bicyclist, their poser loud pipes and riding in side to side formation that almost forces me off the road is pure bull$4it. Pathetic. Won't disappear anytime soon, but will decrease, fortunately. HD is trying to branch out into smaller and more versatile motos. Probably won't catch on here, but maybe overseas. Current tariffs are not helping.


10/26/2018 08:29 PM
If you use google chrome you download an adblocker ap. You can pause it to read some sites (like Cyclesports) who don't allow you to use their site if you have an adblocker, Then unpause it. It's free.


11/05/2018 06:41 PM
And just now Valverde says emphatically "I never tested positive."
Lance mutters to himself :
"That SOB stole my line."
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