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Plan B's Theory
Last Post 05/25/2013 06:27 PM by Justin jmdirt. 3 Replies.
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05/25/2013 01:49 PM
Let's say that VN was a little better than the others at the start, plus take out BW and RH, as the race goes along everyone suffers from what Plan B describes, VN is still slightly better, that makes sense. Plan B and others imply that only VN should get slower but wouldn't every body get slower (maybe not exactly proportionately but...). I'm not for a second ruling out turbo blood but that's not the only explanation. If he is indeed dirty, is he the only one jacking? Even if (the most massive if ever) the entire group is clean there will be a dominant rider.


05/25/2013 03:33 PM
I (sort of) agree. NIbali may look like he's been making giant attacks, but when you figure that the person who was (until a few days ago) responding to those attacks was Evans, maybe they look a little more vicious than they really were. This is why I usually don't try to make judgements based on performance, as the "normal" is such a shifty thing to peg down. That said, dominant performances at the end of a really hard giro make me leery. When everybody else comes across the finish line crying, and he's breathing through his nose...


05/25/2013 04:13 PM
I suppose I should be held accountable for armchair theorizing. I had a feeling, a visceral response. Which makes it nothing more than an impression. The 'theory' got trundled out to explain the impression. But you're both right — all of this is occurring amongst so many unknowable factors that it's ludicrous to extract conclusions that can realistically be acquired in only one way: facts. One could just as easily have said, with similar conviction, 'If Nibali were doping he wouldn't be acting like that in front of everyone; he'd be more careful about that "impression"'.

So who knows? Either he is or he isn't. That's our only fact at this point.


05/25/2013 06:27 PM
Plan B, just to be clear, I agree (mostly) with what you typed in the other thread, I'm just saying that it applies to everyone not just the guy who wins.

"Either he is or he isn't. That's our only fact at this point." Love it! ;}
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