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Laurent Jalabert “surprised” after reports of positive samples from 1998 Tour de France
Last Post 06/27/2013 12:52 PM by Bob Vermeulen. 11 Replies.
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Keith Richards


06/24/2013 04:40 PM
He is the only one who is tho.

----- It is his word versus ours. We like our word. We like where we stand and we like our credibility."--Lance Armstrong.


06/24/2013 05:47 PM
I'm willing to overlook it since he always rode using one leg.


06/24/2013 05:57 PM
Good article with a mostly credible semi admission by JaJa ("I took what the team docs gave me. I know my reputation is taking a hit").
Lends even more credence to the general theory that anyone near a podium in a grand tour simply has to be juiced.


06/24/2013 06:31 PM
Posted By bob etzler on 06/24/2013 05:47 PM
I'm willing to overlook it since he always rode using one leg.

Definitely giving the others a sporting chance at beating him, despite the doctors mysterious concoctions!!
The Short White Guy™


06/24/2013 07:51 PM
LJ is coming close to what I would say if I was a rider from that era - "I had a job to do and I was paid to perform". It's probably not what I should say, want my kids, family or fans to hear, but, them's the facts.


06/24/2013 09:11 PM
Jalabert is a nice guy, he comments on France Télévisions and he doesn't sound like a dimwit. So his "I took whatever the team doctors gave me" sounds a bit disingenuous. I can't imagine someone with half a brain not wanting to know what he's being injected, let alone the context in which all this was happening (90's, Spain, Once, Saiz, come on!).
I just finished reading "The Secret Race" and boy is it interesting. I don't know which irritates me more, the secrecy, the lying or the hypocrisy (wait until you're banned for life and/or retired to come clean). The only two guys with enough balls to have spoken that I can think of are Bassons and Simeoni. We all know how that went.


06/25/2013 08:59 AM
c'mon, he knew what was in those syringes. "hmmm, amazing performance boost after a three-day cycle of injections? ah, probably just vitamin b12."

OTOH: 16 years ago by now, BFD.
Cosmic Kid


06/25/2013 10:32 AM
How dumb does Jalabert think people are? His whole response reads like something from the the alte '90s / 00's.

FFS, just admit it and move on. People seem to be accepting the whole "Yeah, we all did it" excuse anyway.....
Just say "NO!" to WCP!!!!


06/25/2013 10:51 AM
Hahaa..... this post with my login name (chosen randomly just for fun). I was a fan of Jaja back in the day because 1) I admired that he raced a long season 2) he was an all-rounder, good at classics and stages races 3) he simply looked great on a bike, he had class.

Of course he knew that the injections were not B-complex. Ridiculous to play dumb!

We all know they were all doping then. ESPECIALLY the Spanish teams with ONCE/Manolo Saiz leading the charge. From Zulle to Olano to Beloki. Some of Jaja's expoits on mountain stages for a guy with his power and build....not normal! A lot of eyebrows were raised back then.

So F-in what though. Too bad to lose him as a commentator because he's good at it and has interesting things to say. I listen to the france2 streams whenever possible to watch the big races.



06/25/2013 07:16 PM
+1 CK. "I was just following the Doctors orders"...Puleeeeze!


06/25/2013 09:45 PM
Bill Clinton didn't inhale either, wink wink. Of course he knew it was illegal, but he chose not to ask.


06/27/2013 12:52 PM
I, for one, was SHOCKED!! that he wouldn't just come and admit it.
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