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Gluten Free Beer
Last Post 09/19/2013 01:35 PM by CERV __. 10 Replies.
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09/15/2013 06:00 PM
My wife found out about 3-4 years ago she was alergic to barley. Very sad day when we realized that meant no more beer for her. We started drinking a lot of traditional ciders (real cider, not the sugary alchoholic pop kind).

As gluten free continues to get more trendy, lately I've found more few gluten free beers in the stores here. Gluten free=NO BARLEY!!.

Just bought a six pack of 'New Grist' Pilsner style gluten free beer (from Milwaukee) yesterday. Water, sorghum, rice, hops, yeast. Not bad at all. Sort of along the lines of a pilsner urquell. Best part is being able to split a six pack with my wife again that isn't a Japanese beer.
Anybody found any other good gluten free beers?


09/16/2013 05:07 PM
Try brewing your own. My training partner and I hung up the bikes and Saturday morning rides have turned into Saturday afternoon brewing days for the next few months.


09/18/2013 11:12 AM
It's seasonal, but you might try the Dogfish Head Tweason'ale.


It's available through their distributors in many states. I bought a couple four packs on a whim while visiting their brewery thinking my wife would like them. Despite my liking the stronger ales and Imperial IPAs I found this beer to be oddly refreshing. She didn't drink a single bottle. I finished them off myself!


09/18/2013 01:29 PM
some ciders are terrific -- magners from ireland, and if you can get a basque sidra it will knock your socks off.


09/18/2013 07:45 PM
Just wondering, does wheat beer also contain glutens? Any nutritionists or organic chemists out there?


09/18/2013 09:44 PM
lsd, given that wheat is the primary source for gluten in our diet it is hard for me to imagine a wheat beer not containing gluten. (Gluten is the magic protein that becomes elastic when stretched, making the breads we take for granted possible. Wheat contains both of the glutens, making it the best grain for making bread and hence in virtually every bread made until gluten free came on the scene.)



09/19/2013 03:01 AM
We're pretty lucky to have some really good local cider makers here on Vancouver Island making tradional style ciders. It's definitely made it easier to not drink beer as often with alternatives like this.

There's one called Merridale http://www.merridalecider.com/, another called Sea-Cider http://www.seacider.ca/ciders/.
Not sure how far their distro goes, but if any of you vancouverites ever have a chance, they're both highly worth a try. I particularly recommend the rumrunner from sea-cider. Rum infused tradional cider.


09/19/2013 07:54 AM
Following the cider topic here: the famed "Johnny Appleseed" was paid by land speculators to plant apple seeds in what was then the wilderness, to increase the value of the land. The value enhancement wasn't just about apple pies.


09/19/2013 11:20 AM
my nephew has a farm in normandie; date on the chimney is 1650. in the basement of the main farmhouse he has one of these...

now for some REAL gluten-free refreshment try calvados (also made from apples).
Orange Crush


09/19/2013 11:47 AM
cerv - I will have to look into that.

Haven't drank any cider since college days rampaging through english and scottish pubs.


09/19/2013 01:35 PM
Hey OC.
Can;t blame you for not drinking cider living in BC with the carbonated fruit pop they ususally try to sell as cider here. Growers, Okanagan, etc. You'd think with all the apples grown in the okanagan there'd be some quality ciders coming out of there, but I have yet to see one.. My pet peeve is when I find a restaurant that serve merridale, and I order one only to have it served in a glass with ice and a lime. C'MON!
looks like merridale has lots of distro into the vancouver area

Their 'Tradidional' is what I'd recommend. Dry, with more bitters and a fuller bodied flavour than the 'House', which is a little lighter, and more sweet.
Scrumpy and Cyser are both really good too, but more $$. 'Tradional' is usually 10bux for a litre, total bargain for the quality of what you get.

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